Guidelines for Goal Setting

By: Coach Sara

Everyone is trying to move forward whether it is in their life, their job, their fitness, or their nutrition.  Whatever the objective is, it needs to be evaluated.  Find some time in your life to sit down and think about your priorities, evaluate where you are, and where you want to be.  An example of this would be when I first did MURPH I was unhappy with my results and I was driven to progress my movements and perform it with higher efficiency.  I told myself I was going to repeat the workout in a month and a half after working on my weaknesses.  My goal was to perform every round with kipping pull-ups and RX push-ups.

That was my goal and the next step was to write it out.  I evaluated it and asked myself: Is this goal attainable? Is this goal realistic? To me I felt if I worked on my push-ups consistently and gradually increasing reps then I could get the endurance to sustain every round in the time frame I allotted myself.  So my answer to my questions were: Yes it is attainable and yes it is realistic.  The next step was to follow my goal and work towards attaining it.

Having goals are important for all aspects of your life.  They help you understand where you are and where you want to be.  Writing those goals down and having them in a place which is frequently visited gives you a regular reminder of this goal on a daily basis.  Some people stray away from their goals if they either don’t have a constant reminder or they don’t have someone who makes them accountable.  Writing goals down not only helps you meet them but also it helps you recognize change.  Sometimes you can get in a rut at the gym or in life, and for me I felt that I wasn’t seeing much change.  By redoing Murph I was able to see I am making huge changes, 5 rounds of RX push-ups progressed to 20 rounds!  This was a big change to me and it made me happy and appreciate the fact that I made this goal for myself.

I finished Murph two minutes slower than my initial trial, but I did every part RX which was a huge leap for me.  Moving on I would like to perform it faster. Now it is time to write it down, evaluate, and achieve my next goal!