Learn to Love Your Glutes

By: Coach Sara

The current average lifestyle in America is EXTREMELY sedentary.  Whether we are on the road, at work, or at home we are finding ourselves in the seated position.  Sitting is catastrophic to your back side.  This includes your glutes, hamstrings, and lower back (what we call the posterior chain)! How does this happen?  Well when you sit the front of your hips, known as your hip flexors, becomes so overused and tight that they pull your hips anteriorly or forward.  This rotation disengages the glutes and hamstrings muscles and can also cause lower back pain by the misalignment of your pelvis.  A chain of unhealthy affects happens once you become accustomed to the sitting position for too long.

Sitting not only tightens your hip flexors but it also causes an inability to have the sensation of tightening your glutes after they have gone unused for so long.  Now when you try to perform a squat the majority of people become quad dominant, meaning they are using the quadriceps as opposed to glutes.  This can lead to pain and discomfort in the knees or injury.  Having awareness and an understanding of how your body feels during isolated muscle contractions is important.

Maybe it is time to be that goofy person in the office who gets up and does a lap around the cubicles to get those legs nice and warm, then lay on the ground and do a couple sets of some glute raises huh?! What do you think about that?  I have always wanted to be the weird girl in the room who gets up and confuses the whole office.  Well, to be honest, I have been that girl. An alternative to this craziness could be asking your manager for a standing desk so you can work on your tasks and have the ability to stand once your body cannot handle sitting anymore.  If this alternative is not an option, then it is time to utilize your breaks for eating and exercising!!  These small changes will lead to a decrease in lower back pain, an increase in performance in the gym, and a better overall physical health  It’s time to get up, move around, and start loving your glutes!