Limitless Physio

I’m Seth, and I have a few confessions to make

One, I’m nerdy and there’s no getting away from it. It’s not uncommon for me to go on rants about new medical studies or injury risk reduction… Two, I have a little bit of a chip on my shoulder about the current way today’s healthcare operates and feel it can be done better. Finally, even though there seems to be plenty in this world that people find a way to complain about – I’m a relentless optimist (except for on 4k rowing test day in March or anything involving running…then I’m just miserable).

So let’s get down to it…

Just WHO Are We, Anyways?

Limitless Physio  is currently operated by Dr. Seth King PT, DPT, CSCS (me) and Crissie King BSW, RYT — and we’re on a mission. Six or seven years ago towards the beginning of our marriage, we realized that our passion for helping people become better versions of themselves lined up shockingly well. We dreamt of being able to facilitate change in our community using our different backgrounds – Crissie as a social worker & yoga teacher, and me as a physical therapist and personal trainer/strength & conditioning coach. This mission is now starting to come to fruition, and we are excited more than ever to serve this community with some truly unique approaches to wellness. We have a ton of awesome things planned for the members of CrossFit Reviver, so keep an eye out.

WHAT Exactly Is Limitless Physio?

We are a small healthcare company that will provide physical therapy (globally known as “physio”) and mobility training right inside of CrossFit Reviver to both CFR members, community members, and other fitness athletes around the area. We will announce office hours ASAP, but will be available to help you with anything from injury prevention (via SFMA & other movement screens) to low back pain to post-surgical rehabilitation (ACL reconstruction, Knee replacement, Shoulder surgery, e.g.). Crissie & I will be releasing lots of content on mobility, yoga, and how to utilize body weight alone to improve your mobility both for WODs and for daily life. More on that coming soon…

Current Physio treatments being offered:

  • Graston Technique (IASTM)
  • Spinal Mobilization/Manipulation
  • Joint Mobilization
  • Soft Tissue Work/Massage
  • Functional Dry Needling (coming August 2017)
  • Corrective/Restorative Exercise Programming
  • SFMA Clinical Movement Screens

WHY have a #DocInABox ?

Today’s current clinical, medicalized, white coat climate of healthcare is not really healthcare at all. Physicians, physical therapists, and other healthcare professionals are tasked with managing individuals who are already sick, injured, and broken down. Say the word “prevention” or “wellness”? — the insurance companies just laugh and say “that’s not your job”, regardless of cost savings or what might be best for the patient.

CrossFit Reviver is an environment that is at war against chronic disease such as heart conditions, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and arthritis. In America, just take a look around at what “normal” is:

Enter the #DocInABox Healthcare model – a healthcare professional that trains the way you train, understands the demands of life that you have in front of you, and will help you with your movement troubles in your very own habitat.

Why is that a big deal? Let’s break it down a little bit further:

(1) Does your physio even lift? Your physio does CrossFit. I may not be a regionals athlete (and I may really suck at Snatches, etc, etc, etc), but you’ll see me working hard right next to you Monday – Saturday. How many people on your healthcare team are doing CrossFit? How many times have you heard, “oh you should just stop lifting and doing CrossFit and you will get better”? This garbage is generally spoken by those who don’t understand the CrossFit programming and community – and they certainly don’t understand how fantastic Reviver is. CrossFit in general has the potential to combat the toughest of chronic diseases and injuries,and I have no intention of telling you to stop.

(2) Clinical PT environments usually don’t have barbells. Need I say more? CrossFit people like myself need to train with CrossFit tools – and get away from only using yellow theraband for shoulder rotations…

(3) You now have the opportunity to get the treatment you need QUICKLY. Tweak your shoulder during the 5:30 am WOD? Come see me for a quick recovery session and some manual manipulation/therapy. In the state of Michigan, you can see a Physical Therapist without a Physician Referral. Get in touch with me to find out more.

I am going to be having some “Meet the Physio” hours posted very soon in our new location, and would absolutely love if you’d stop by, say hi, and meet my family. I’m honored to be a part of Reviver, and can’t wait to help you reach your goals.

PLEASE connect with us on any and all of our social media platforms, and check out for blog updates, and more details on how to get scheduled for an evaluation. We can’t wait to meet you! /

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