Losing 20lbs in 20 Weeks

By: Coach Vince

I have been working with a nutrition client for the past 5 months and want to share with you the 3 tips that have worked for this client to lose 20lbs in 20 weeks.

Tracking Macros:

My client uses MyFitnessPal to track each of her meals. This means that she weighs or measures everything she eats. Using MFP really helps her better understand portion control and the different quantity of macro nutrients present in each meal. What’s also great about MFP is that is keeps track of your history. This is important because most people eat the same 20 or so foods throughout a week and the history option makes it very easy to copy and paste from previous days. By tracking her macros we can get a much more accurate idea of how many calories she is eating daily and what those calories are made of.

Daily Weigh-Ins:

The scale doesn’t tell the truth all the time. I am not a big fan of people using the scale to determine success or failure.  However, I do think the scale can be used as a tool (not the end all be all).  My clients’ objective is to lose body fat which does not necessarily always result in a decrease in body weight.  But because she has a higher body fat percentage, we know that we do need the scale to go down, at least for right now.  Due to the fact that most people’s body weight fluctuates around 3-6# throughout the day we have set a strict weigh in time in order for us to have better consistency and accuracy on her weight records.  What I like best about the daily weight ins are that we determine if she lost/gained/maintained for the WEEK based on the weekly AVERAGE of her weigh ins.  By doing it this way we can rule out any outliners and have a better understanding of the trend and the direction she is going in.

Willingness to Make Adjustments:

She is someone who has struggled with weight her whole life and over the past 5 months I keep repeating the phrase, “as long as you’re willing to make adjustments, you’ll always have progress.” She is not perfect (nor am I, unless you ask my mom) and has made mistakes, she has also stalled out a few times on her macros (aka we needed to make an adjustment) and in the past either one of those occurrences would have set her back down the deep dark road of weight gain again. The difference now is as soon as one of those instances happens we make an adjustment and she has continued to make progress.  I think this is the most important tip to apply to any area of your life.  There is no doubt that any endeavor you set out to accomplish will be accompanied with road blocks.  Some people when they get to a road block stop and turn around, while others figure out an alternative route.  If you are at a road block right now in any area of your life, what adjustment could you make to get back on track? 

Hope this helps and can’t wait to see you in the gym this week!

Disclaimer: We believe each person is a unique individual and because of this, what works for someone else may/may not work for you. Finding your own path will lead to the greatest success.