Making Fitness Fun

By: Coach Sammie

For a long time, exercise has had a negative connotation. Even though we all know its “good for us”, most people still don’t like to do it. “I don’t like to sweat”… “It’s boring”… “It takes too long”…. These are just a few common thoughts and comments about exercise. These are even some of the things I use to say (shocking I know). Exercise a lot of times is thought of as work, and lets be frank, who really likes to work? The only reason we do it is to earn enough money so we can do fun things. We want to enjoy ourselves, have a good time, spend our energy on things that excite us. So if we look at exercise as work, and we don’t get paid for that work, in fact we have to normally pay for it… then why would we ever want to do it? What is exercise was fun? What if you actually enjoyed working out? Do you think you would be more consistent and get better results?

The moment I joined CFR, my view of exercise (and myself) changed dramatically. I realized that you could in fact enjoy working out. You just have to be in the right atmosphere. For me I love being with other people, they keep me motivated and encouraged, they cause me to work harder. I get fueled off of others, so being in a group atmosphere is amazing. I also enjoy goal oriented things, from work to play, I like to have a goal. Being in a gym setting where the goal is performance related has had such a positive impact on my life. 

Find a way to make fitness fun, and you will never want to stop doing it. No matter what your interests are: running, yoga, crossfit… Find a community that encourages you, an atmosphere that fuels you. Not only can exercise give you the strength and endurance to do the activities (adventures, play with your kids, sports, etc) that you love to do, it itself can be one of those activities. 

Being a coach, it is one of my most important job responsibilities to make sure my members are having fun in their workouts. It is also one of the most enjoyable parts of my job. It gives me joy to see your laughing/smiling/exhausted faces after a workout is done 🙂 

Speaking of laughing and smiles.. I hope you all enjoy this Danny BroFlex video…just a little something to add some joy to your day!