Take Advantage of Open Gym

By: Coach Sara

Open gym doesn't mean there isn't a workout for you.  Take advantage of this day! I can help you make up a workout that best fits what you need, Or we can focus on certain movements/exercises that you may find challenging.  I can take a look at your mobility. There are endless options.  Open gym is my favorite time, I get to spend up to 2 hours with clients helping them with their goals.  

There are endless reasons why you should come visit Gannon on Thursdays or ME on Sundays, maybe you just miss me? 

Do you ever find yourself feeling like that lift isn’t quite right?  Or maybe you know what you are doing wrong but you don’t know how to fix it.

Well that is where I come in!  I absolutely love helping clients reach their goals, and finding ways to do this with you is what I am here for. 

Here are a few reasons why you should hangout with me during open gym

1. To work on your weaknesses. 

This is the time to take and work on exercises that are difficult for YOU.  Open gym gives you the freedom to spend as much time as you want to work on your technique.  Come ask me how I can help you with that one tricky movement.  Everyone has that one exercise or movement that ails them.  Want to work on pull-ups or push-ups?  I can help you format a great regimen to help you reach your goal. 

2. Make up a WOD

Are you bummed out because you missed your favorite workout the past week?  You missed out on hanging out with the best coaches?!?  Well open gym is the perfect time to fit in at missed day. You can take the time you need to get it done. And it removes that stress from missing a day during the week.

3. Take Time to Learn

I love coaching but I love to teach more.  The best way to coach someone is to have them fully understand the mechanics of a movement.  Ask me any question you have.  Maybe a lift causes you discomfort?  Well I will help figure out what in the movement is causing you pain.  I have so much time to explain every part of a movement and I can help you perform better. The better your technique the more you will be able to lift and the better your body will feel after.

4. Mobilize mobilize mobilize!

hmmm I think I am hinting at something… Mobilizing is one of the most important things to do before after or during workouts.    Your muscles are crying out to be stretched and smashed out. They need that TLC.  If you continue to put them under immense pressure from each workout with out taking care of them you will get an injury.  So come in on Open Gym and I will give you a list of ways to stretch out those sore achey muscles so they can work at full capacity once again. 

5. Workout with your Bestie

Are you unable to get together with your best fellow gym rat?  Its time to coordinate with them.  You can both work together and work on one of the three things above. Or you can make up your own fun partner workout to do.  Nothing is better than struggling through a workout with a buddy. 

— Come join us on open gym days and make the most of being a Reviver! —