Take Ownership of your Training

By: Coach J

Do you want to get more out of your workouts? Do you want to continuously progress over the course of YEARS? Do you want to stay safe and avoid injury? Do you want to build a collaborative relationship with your coach(es)? If so, follow these steps:

Know Your Limitations:

We complete a mobility and physical assessment with every new member when they go through their consultation. This makes them and us aware of any joint mobility restrictions, muscle tightness, pain points and/or asymmetries (strength / mobility). This is information that you should RECORD and REVIEW regularly. If it has been a while since you’ve had this assessment performed, don’t hesitate to do a self-assessment (where appropriate) or schedule a time for us to take you through it.

Use This Info During Your Training:

Lets say you have an asymmetry in your ankle range of motion (one ankle can flex more than the other). Well if you did not know, ankle range of motion plays a role in your squatting mechanics – so if you perform deep squats with an ankle range of motion asymmetry you could in turn cause further damage to your knees, hips, back, shoulders, etc due to shifting your weight to one side and compensating with certain joints/muscles. We do not expect you to understand / know detailed human anatomy and all about how the body moves, but we do expect you to come up to your coach and say, “hey, I have this asymmetry and I’m not sure how I should modify my training today – can you help?”

Track Your Workouts:

Use a notebook, an app, pictures, vlog – it does not matter to me, just do it. This allows you to not only track your progress, but it allows you to game-plan your workouts each day. If we’re doing 5×5 Back Squats today and you notice that two weeks ago we did the same thing, you can look in your journal and see that you used 135lbs to a 15” box – now you have a better idea of what weight to use, box height (if needed) etc. When you don’t track, you’re just guessing.

Prep / Cool Down:

A lot of times we do not give a ton of dedicated time for everyone to work on their specific restrictions / asymmetries before or after our workouts – maybe we should do more of that, maybe we shouldn’t. Regardless, take it upon yourself to work on your mobility / restrictions before class (instead of sitting on the couch) and/or cooling down on the bike or using the 5mins of chit-chat time after class to stretch out your hips, ankles, shoulders etc.

With all of that said, if you’re following our Group Program you must understand that it is not perfect

It is written for a group of people, therefore almost everyone will need to modify / scale / change parts of the workout on a daily basis due to restrictions, asymmetries, and/or abilities. If you want the most out of the Group Program, take it upon yourself to own your training and build a partnership with your coaches so they can help to the best of their ability. If you do not like the modifying / scaling of workouts, you would be better suited following an Individual Program designed specifically for you – we can do this, you just have to ask!

Here’s to always learning, always improving, and always strengthening the coach/member relationship.