Track Your Food for Three Days

By: Coach J

Have you ever tracked your food for three days or more? If you haven’t, I highly suggest you give it a try – it can be an eye opening experience.

Here’s what to do:

  • Get your hands on a food scale and measuring cups – these can be purchased for under $20 or borrowed from a coach / fellow gym member
  • Download an app like MyFitnessPal
  • Begin weighing, measuring and track EVERYTHING you consume

At a minimum, this makes you aware of your total calories and the amount of each macro (carbs, fat, protein) you’re consuming. A lot of people I talk to who do this for the first are surprised at how much or how little they are consuming. If you’re consuming a lot of real food (meats, veggies, fruits, nuts, etc) I think you’ll be surprised at how few calories you’re consuming. If you’re consuming a lot of processed food / drinks I think you’ll be surprised at how many calories (especially from sugar) you’re consuming.

You can now take this exercise for what it is (an exercise) and move on, or you can take it one step further. That next step is to continue to track your food for 7-10 days, analyze the information and make adjustments. Continue this process until you find a number of macros / calories and a collection of foods that give you the results you desire.

A rule of thumb to go by is that calories alone will determine your weight. Types of foods and macro breakdown will determine the way you look, feel, and perform.

If you get done tracking your food for a few days and feel lost in the information, please be sure to reach out to your coaching staff for guidance.

Laura Dyszynski