When to Kip Your Pullups

By: Coach Vince

Do you have the mobility? Try this test:

Lay on the foam roller: while keeping your back neutral, stretch your arms over your head. A passing score would look like hands touching the ground just outside of shoulder width, with elbows locked and ears visible.


Do you have the stability?

A few different ways to test. :03 negative. Start with chin over the bar and lower yourself down. Can you control your decent to :03 or more? Test your range of motion on the Trap 3 Raise, Powell Raise, and DB External Rotation. If you can pass all four of those test you are on the right track to having proper stability in the shoulder joint.

Do you have the strength?

Once you have passed the proper range of motion on the Trap 3 Raise, Powell Raise, DB External Rotation now it’s time to test your strength. Each of those three test require 8 repetitions done @ 3010 tempo with 10/8# dumbbell.  Once those tests have been passed the next progression would be three strict pull ups. This would be a good time to start practicing the kipping swing and doing small sets of kipping pull ups.  Once you get to 10-15 strict pull ups it’s a good sign you are ready to start incorporating more sets/reps of the kipping pull up.

Do you have a plan?

If you need help coming up with a plan to improve mobility, stability, or strength please don’t hesitate to ask any of your coaches for help.

Exclaimer: If you have pain, please disregard any of this information until pain is relieved.