Who Inspires You?

By: Coach Sammie

I admire people that are masters of their craft. While I take pride in my health, fitness, and education, I do not consider myself a “master” at anything. I am always striving to learn more, do better, and achieve higher. Sometimes this can be a challenge. When life’s struggles build up and obstacles block my motivation, I look to people that inspire me and help keep me on track. These inspiring people, to me, are masters of their crafts. They are intelligent, driven, hard-working, and honest individuals. Seeking their advice and following their progress engages me to do the same in my life.

I think it is extremely important to have inspiration people in your life. These people can be family members, friends, co-workers. I am blessed enough to have a job that surrounds me with inspiring individuals who I learn from daily. Here at CFR I have the honor to work next to two of the hardest working men I have ever met. They motivate me every day to be a better coach and athlete. This community is also made up of amazing members who are all “masters” in their respected fields. From vets to dentists, physical therapists to salesmen, engineers to nurses. Our gym is filled with brilliant, hard-working, inspiring people. People who I am constantly learning from.

Inspiration can also be found (thanks to social media) by following individuals who are well-known in their fields. To help keep me educated and motivated, I follow certain “masters” of the health and fitness field. People who are known for their brilliance, work ethic, and reliability. People like Dr. Kelly Starrett (physical therapist and recovery master), Tony Robbins (life coach and incredibly successful businessman), and Dr. Mark Hyman (head of Functional Medicine at Cleveland Clinic and author of several nutrition books). The more I learn from these specialists, the more I am able to help others achieve their goals, and the more inspired I feel to continue this journey.

If you are struggling to feel motivated, whether with your fitness or personal life, I urge you to find someone who inspires you. Shoot, find as many as possible! Surround yourself with people who make you want to be a better person. People you can learn from, who pursue greatness, and add positivity to your life. Not only will you feel more inspired in your life’s pursuits but this may also lead to you becoming an inspiration to someone else. Inspiration is contagious…. so spread it around!