Achieve Any Goal with These 5 Steps

By: Coach J

STEP 1:  Define the Result

This one is pretty obvious but needs to be taken seriously – the first step to achieving any goal is to define SPECIFICALLY what it is you’re after.  When doing this it is also important to define the timeline in which you plan to achieve your goal.  Example, if you want to lose five inches around your waste it will take drastically different behavior changes if you want to achieve that in three months versus a year.  After you define your goal, write it down and read it daily – we tend to go where we are looking, so be sure you’re constantly ‘looking’ at the end goal.

STEP 2: Determine your "Why"

I will argue that this is the most important step because this will determine how hard you’re willing to work to achieve your goal and ultimately how likely you are to succeed.  Give this drill a try, I call it ‘Five Whys’.  Ask yourself why you want to achieve your goal.  Whatever answer you give yourself, ask yourself why again.  Do it again and again until you’ve answered ‘why’ five times.  Here’s an example for the goal above of losing five inches around your waste.

  • “Why do I want to lose five inches?” – “Because my clothes will fit better.”
  • “Why will that benefit me?” – “Because I’ll feel and look better in the clothes I have.”
  • “Why will feeling/looking better help me?” – “Because I’ll have more confidence and feel better about myself.”
  • “Why will more confidence make me better?” – “I will perform better at work and have better relationships with my friends and family.”
  • “Why is that important?” – “Because it will give me the happiness I had when I was there before, it will allow me to make more money for myself and family and it will give me the feeling of freedom I’ve been missing.”

As you can see in this example, my original reason ‘why’ looks completely different than what I said at the end.  The more I asked ‘why’ the more EMOTION came out – and that is the key.  The more EMOTION you can attach to your WHY, the more likely you will succeed.

STEP 3: Take Massive Action

This is usually where people stop and its unfortunate because this is where the magic happens.  Now, before you take action I suggest you take some time to determine what behavior changes you need to make that will lead you to success.  Once you’ve determined these things, start doing them NOW – do not wait until it feels right, do it NOW.  People make the greatest progress when they step outside their comfort zones – it can be scary but it is necessary and it is the only way to achieve greatness.

STEP 4: Assess and Adjust

After you’ve put these changes into place, it is important you take some time to reflect on the progress you’ve made and adjust your plan.  If the results are not what you expected, do not get down on yourself and give up, rather brainstorm different ways to change, and implement immediately.  If you are seeing great results, try not to get complacent.  Instead, ask yourself if there are other ways you can create more positive change and keep the train going.

STEP 5: Celebrate and Continue

Do not forget this step – and honestly you don’t have to wait too long to celebrate yourself.  As soon as you begin making positive changes, start congratulating yourself.  This can be done by simply giving yourself a metaphorical high-five, buying yourself a new article of clothing or treating yourself to a nice dinner/treat – #treatyoself.  Whatever it is, make sure you’re celebrating often and do not underestimate the power of positive reinforcement!

I hope these five steps help you achieve your next big goal – don’t hesitate to reach out for help, our doors are always open!