Anyone up for a Challenge?

By: Coach Vince

Over the next 7 months I am going to attempt something that I have never done before in my life…

I am going to try and lose weight.  

Here is my plan. I currently weigh 178# on average (I weigh myself every morning and take the average for the week to determine my body weight).  My goal over the next 7 months is to lose .50-1# per month.

On September 7th, my weight will be 174.5-171#. Why am I doing this? I am doing this because I have never had to be purposeful on trying to lose weight in my life, I’m up for a challenge.  I also want to prove to myself that Reviver’s Programming can be followed at a low-moderate (not high) intensity and someone can still lose weight. I want to define my abdominals and try and keep as much arm size as possible, so I will be adding in a 5-10-minute program to follow before or after to make sure I hit these areas.

I will be putting the majority of my effort on managing my stress, sleep, and nutrition throughout the 7 months.  These are the money maker areas and will ultimately determine my success or failure (hint hint…it’s also what determines your success or failure as well).  As far as my nutrition goes here are the breakdowns for my starting and projected finishing macros.  

For now, here is the breakdown of my calories for the first month:

  • 2350 Calories
  • 166 Protein
  • 285 Carbs
  • 73 Fat

I am projecting that the last month will look like:

  • 2050 Calories
  • 155 Protein
  • 205 Carbs
  • 63 Fat

Because I have never tried to lose weight for myself, these numbers are all subject to change based on how I am feeling and which direction my weight is going.

As long as you are willing to make adjustments, you will have progress.

Some of the things I have kept in mind while setting my weight lose goal: I am currently 9% body fat.  Because I don’t want to be a physique competitor, I want to be careful on not letting my body fat get so low that it effects my energy throughout the day.  I’ve got a business to run and a wife to entertain ;). During the next 7 months, I will be dealing with birthday parties, weddings, my wedding anniversary, up north trips, and all kind of events…it’s called life. I will just have to plan strategically around those dates to stay on track while still having a good time.

If you are joining me on this journey, here are my recommendations:

  • What does your end goal look like? Make it something measurable
  • Figure out WHY it’s important to you. 
  • Plan, Plan, Plan…Plan!
  • Things are not going to go perfect, be willing to make adjustments!

If you are joining me on this journey I would love to hear about it. Email me at and tell me about your goal!

If you are interested in following me on my journey I will be posting on Instagram @vinceterbrack