Are you on a Mission?

By: Coach Vince

Hey Reviver Nation! I wanted to spend this beautiful Friday helping you better understand our Mission here at CFR. Our mission statement is: Improving our members’ quality of life through Fitness, Education, and Community. Simply put our Mission is YOU.

Hopefully you have noticed the giant banner in the gym. We put our mission statement on this banner as a reminder to all of us of what we are a part of. Most people that join our gym do so because they want something new and fun for their FITNESS routine. They stay with us because of the progress they have through our EDUCATION and because of the relationships they built through our COMMUNITY. If you have been with us for a year or more then you have most likely what you have experienced. This is a cycle, meaning that at certain points of your journey, you will be affected by these 3 aspects.  Our hope is that every time you go through the cycle you have a little bit more fun with your Fitness, evolve with us and through us in your Education, and connect deeper and wider with our/your Community. Whether you have been with us for multiple years or maybe only a few days, here are several ways you can take advantage of our Mission here at Reviver:

Have fun with your FITNESS:

  • Group classes with a program that is designed around our group and gets re-evaluated every 6 months to ensure we are progressing you forward. 
  • Track your progress with our easy to use ZenPlanner workout tracking app.
  • Capped classes to ensure you get coached properly and the attention you deserve. (make sure you ask questions every class if you need help…that’s what we’re here for)
  • Customized group programming for those of you that love working out with the group but want it tailored more for you wants/needs/desires.
  • Individual programming for those of you that want specific workouts tailored to you and your wants/needs/desires.

Evolve through EDUCATION with us:

  • Goal setting meeting with you to review mobility/physical assessment, sleep, stress, nutrition, exercise selection.
  • Progress report re-evaluated every 3 months with feedback from a coach.
  • Nutrition coaching available to those wanting to learn more about their nutrition in a more formal setting.
  • Read our weekly coaches corner articles published on a weekly basis (like this one!)
  • Watch our YouTube/Instagram videos
  • Set up a time to meet with Seth (In-house Physical Therapist) to discuss any restrictions or pain you may have
  • Join our Coaches monthly book club (more info to come soon)

Connect with the COMMUNITY around you:

  • Attend our monthly member events
  • Stay up to date with any/all of our Social media
  • Take advantage of before/after class to socialize with others
  • Join one of our small groups (more info to come soon)

The people that have had the most success with us continue to push harder and harder in each one of these areas to become the best they can be. Becoming the best YOU, will ensure a HIGHER QUALITY OF LIFE!

We are on a mission, are you?