Bumps in the Road

By: Coach Sammie

Have you ever had something derail you on your path to a fitter/healthier self? Say an injury, or illness, or some unforeseen tragedy? Something that put a “hold” on your fitness journey, threw a wrench in your progress, or maybe even caused you to take a few steps backwards? Guess what… so has most likely any other person who is pursuing life-long fitness. This path, the health & fitness path, is filled with speed bumps, pot holes, and even a few fallen tree branches. 

When you first started your fitness journey you were just like a brand new car. Initially you’d get out on the road and man do you LOVE it. You feel strong, fast, and dare I say… unstoppable. And then one day randomly you are driving along and you drive over a huge hole in the road (who put that there anyway) and one of your tires pops. So what happens next? Well you replace your popped tire with the spare, you go to the closest tire supply store and get a new set of tires and hey maybe this time you get the “pothole resistant” ones that will ensure next time you face a pothole you come out the other end unharmed. Over time you may come across other challenges on the road, speed bumps that scratch up the bottom of your frame or a fallen tree branch that cracks your windshield. Each time, you do what needs to get done to fix the problem and keep moving forward so you can get back on the road. And throughout your journey and obstacles, you learn. You learn how to see the potholes ahead of you and adjust. You learn to drive slower over the speed bumps so you don’t bottom out. You also learn that sometimes even though you do all you can to prevent it, the wind blows and branches break and one of those branches might hit your windshield…. so you FIX IT…. and get right back on the road.

What’s my point?

Don’t let bumps in the road keep you from driving. Instead, adapt and grow from your struggles. Injuries and illnesses happen to everyone throughout their lives. Learn from them and find ways to prevent further injury and resist illness. When it comes to tragedies and other things that are completely out of our control, take the time necessary to fix what is broken and get right back at living your life. Don’t get stuck feeling like you’ve failed or can’t get back to where you were. That negative mentality is just like that spiderwebbed windshield, it will prevent you from being able to see and move forward. Do what is necessary to fix the problem you are facing and get back on the road my friend!

You were made to drive and the road is waiting… potholes and all 🙂