Figure out What L.E.A.D.S you and G.R.I.N.D

By: Coach Vince

Do you struggle with figuring out your goals and staying motivated long enough to reach them? Figure out what L.E.A.D.S you and G.R.I.N.D!

Below are five categories of your life and each category has a question/s.  If you take some serious time to sit down and answer these questions, you will have all the motivation you need to reach your goals.  After you answer each question, the most powerful step comes with you attaching ACTIONS to your words. The next step is to share this with someone that has no problem calling you out on your own BULL$H%T and holding you accountable to the plan you have set forth for yourself.  The last step is to put this in a place that you can see every day; read it, visualize you already achieving your goals, and have gratefulness that your actions today get you one step closer to reaching your goals. Let’s get started!

L – What is the LEGACY you want people to remember you by? What are your daily habits to create this? 

E – What is the EXAMPLE you want to set in your personal life for others to strive for?

A – What do you want to ACHIEVE in your professional life? What do people seek you out for? 

D – What do you DREAM about? What is thing you want that is so big it doesn’t seem possible?

S – What is the SALARY* you want to make? Next year? 3-5yr? 10+yrs? Why?

* This of course doesn’t need to be made public. Money is not the most important thing and should be used as a tool, to allow you to provide for yourself and others






Take a few moments each day to visualize yourself achieving your goal and the steps necessary today that you can work on to achieve that goal. Reviewing it in new means you create the same emotion when you first thought about this goal and/or how it will make you feel when you do achieve it.  This feeds the hunger necessary to stay consistent enough over time to achieve your goal.  If your goal doesn’t get you excited every time you think about achieving it, then it’s not your goal. Most people are highly motivated when they start a project but struggle as the project continues and/or difficulties start to arise to stay motivated. As we all know, progress is not linear.  You are going to go through ups and downs in this journey and that’s to be expected.  Stop looking for outside sources to keep you motivated. Only YOU can motivate YOU!  What better way to motivate you then waking up every day reviewing your dream life?!?!

I hope this helps you put your thoughts onto paper. Don’t underestimate the power of writing a goal down. I would love to learn more about what LEADS you, please email or set up a time to chat in person if you want to share or want some help answering any questions.

Since filling this out for myself I have experienced a tremendous feeling of having a clear direction.  Below is my personal LEADS worksheet filled out.  I’m sharing this because I hope it inspires one person to fill this out and experience the same results I have had….DIRECTION on living your dream life!

This is what L.E.A.D.S me…


I want to leave a legacy of being grateful.  I am a person dedicated to daily habits of worship, empowering and healing thoughts towards family/friends/others/myself, and envisioning success.


The example I want to set in my personal life is to have a happy/healthy/horny marriage, built on love for God, teamwork, communication, constant improvement, seeking to understand, and forgiveness.


I want to achieve a gym that grows into a place where people come to seek improvement over their quality of life through fitness, education, and the community.


I dream about having a home on the lake. A place of joy, togetherness, and serenity.


This will allow me to live my dream of providing for my family, friends, and those in need. It means the gym is growing and in a constant state of improvement

What L.E.A.D.S you?

P.S. The story of how I came up with LEADS and GRIND

I was writing my goals down and after further investigation I started questioning what do these goals really mean and why do I want to accomplish these goals.  My first goal was being a grateful person. After thinking about why I wanted to achieve being a grateful person I was highly motivated by thinking about what I want people to remember me by when I die.  When someone is reading my obituary, I wanted to be known by how grateful of a person I was. This is how I came up with the word LEGACY. 

My next goal was making my wife the most important thing in my life.  We live in a world where getting divorced is so common and unfortunate.  When I thought deeper about this goal, the reason I wanted to achieve this is because I wanted to be an EXAMPLE to my family/friends/others of how two people can live happily ever after.

We spend the majority of life working so we better enjoy what we do.  I feel very blessed to work at a place that allows me to hopefully impact others’ lives for the better.  As I thought deeper about my goal of creating a gym that people come to seek improvement over their quality of life through fitness, education, and community; I couldn’t help but think what an ACHIEVEMENT that would be.

The DREAM category is pretty self-explanatory. I’ve wanted to live on a lake for a very long time. The water to me is so relaxing and so enjoyable.  Because it is typically much more expensive to live on a lake and I have lived in apartments since 2001 (freshman year of college) it’s hard to believe I could ever afford it or that I would ever live in anything but an apartment.  What a DREAM come true it would be! 

How the SALARY category came to be is I started with the end goals in mind and that helped me better understand the amount of money I would need to be able to make in order to achieve my goals.  Because I am self-employed the salary number also is one of the many metrics we use to help us better understand the success of our business.  The number doesn’t mean anything, it’s what that number allows me to do that is the most important.

As you can imagine when I am writing my goals down and thinking about what each of these goals mean a little deeper I was so excited to see that the letters of each of these categories spell the word LEADS, but I didn’t know what it meant.  As I thought about it more I was overwhelmed with how these goals are the things that should LEAD your decisions every day, week, month, year…life!!! This is exactly how you create your dream life. Knowing what you want and using your goals to LEAD you in order to make the necessary decisions every day to make it happen. 

The word GRIND is such a popular word in social media these days and means work your ass off at all cost to get what you want.  As I thought more about the word GRIND, I think most people look at the word and get scared or pushed away from all the work that’s necessary to reach a goal.  There is no doubt that any goal worth achieving will take a lot of hard work but I wanted to take a very popular word and put a positive spin on it. Because I have worked with thousands of people and watched some succeed and others fail, the difference between the two people was the ability to self-motivate.  What a better way to self-motivate than to fall in the discipline of reviewing your goals every single day.  And when I say review your goals every day, I don’t mean just read them. I mean every day you get excited, grateful, so damn motivated you won’t let anything stop you from reaching those goals.  That was difference maker between winning or losing.   So, you can imagine my excitement when I realized the letters to GRIND perfectly matched Goals, Reviewed, In, New, Daily.

P.S.S People have success when they have the discipline to make this a daily routine. END OF STORY