How to Get the Most out of Your Membership

By: Coach J


Your membership ain’t worth a damn if you don’t use it – the members who get the best results and experience, attend the gym 3-5x per week, EVERY week

Communicate with your coach

If you have a problem with a movement, a question, or are feeling pain, the only way your coach will know is if you tell them – don’t be afraid to speak up, its what you pay us for 😉

Attend community events

This is where the real magic happens, come to one event and it will explain itself

Join us on social media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

We post a lot of content on our social media platforms – please tune in and share. Be sure to join our Facebook Closed Group – its a members only forum where we can share info, events, questions, etc.

Read Reviver emails and Coaches Corner articles

You have access to weekly blog articles covering topics from nutrition, to exercise, to lifestyle, written by our coaching staff. This allows us to share important educational information without taking up 10-15mins in class to do so.

Give feedback

You are our members, our customers, the people who make this business possible – your feedback is one of the only ways we know if we’re doing a good job and how we can improve your experience – please share it with us!

Personal Training

If you are struggling with a particular movement, need help developing strength in a particular area, or have specific goals you’re after, you can set up Personal Training sessions by the half hour – this is a great way to work on the specific things you’re looking to improve upon.

Fill out Progress Reports

Every three months you should be receiving a Progress Report email (if you’re not, please let us know) – this is your opportunity to reflect on the last three months, determine whats important to you moving forward, and communicate it with us. We read these and respond back, so take advantage.

Attend Physical Assessment Week and track results

Physical Assessment Week is a great time to measure your current abilities and hit the reset button. Remember, this week is used to gauge where you are, not PR everything – what a great time to learn about yourself.

Set up goal setting meetings

When’s the last time you sat down one-on-one with a coach to discuss your goals and develop a plan? If its been longer than six months, I suggest you get on it 🙂