Move Beautifully

By: Coach DP

“Make it look pretty!”

If you’ve had me in class before this is a phrase you’ve probably heard on more than one occasion. Its one of my favorite cue’s and one of the things I consistently remind myself of.

Good movement is attractive. Plain and simple. Once we start to view gym activities simply as human movement, it’s not a stretch to assume that the natural elements of beautiful movement are equally relevant to fitness programs and their specific movement conversations. One very basic idea of human movement is this one of “aesthetics” that I’m referring to.

It’s in your DNA to move attractively. It’s also in your DNA to seek out good movement.

Whether you’re a coach or not, you’ll be able to see quality movement in others. A dumpy squat is a dumpy squat whether or not you know what a squat looks like. It’s the reason we think ballet, jungle cats, gymnasts, high flying skateboarders, and Coach J are impressive in their expression of movement. The good news is since this is so natural and intuitive you can rest assured that our standards of human movement aren’t a matter of a coach’s opinion, but of the ways our bodies can and should move in the world.

Next time you are in the gym, ask yourself; “Am I striving for beautiful shapes, and efficient movement? Or am I just flailing through space hoping the clock beeps and I can sit down.” I’ll keep cuing as long as you keep putting the effort in to “look pretty”.

Make it look beautiful, athletes!

Coaches CornerLaura Dyszynski