New Year, New You?

By: Coach J

If I can be honest, I’m not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions – Here's why…

  • I believe people make them just to make them (with little thought or meaning)
  • Making a goal for an entire year is overwhelming and usually leads to failure
  • For the fact that very few people actually follow through with their resolution (something like 93% of people fail to complete their resolutions)

What I am a fan of however, is people improving their lives and accomplishing shit!

And I think there is a better way to do that than to make up some half-hearted NY’s resolution that you know damn well probably won’t make it past Jan 15th. So, if you’re looking at the New Year as an opportunity to make some changes in your life, here are some things to consider:

  1. Know your WHY – If you don’t know why you’re seeking to make this change, you’re not likely to succeed. So, be sure to know WHY you are on this journey, and make it emotional! People are more likely to avoid pain than they are to seek pleasure – so associate pain with the way things are now, in order to inspire yourself to change.
  2. Set behavioral based goals – Things like; drink 75oz of water/day, read 15 pages a day, begin every day by writing down 3 things you’re grateful for, etc. Choose things that are actionable, realistic, and measurable.
  3. Don’t underestimate the power of small actions done daily – Coach Vince’s favorite analogy is that brushing your teeth once is not going to keep your teeth healthy, just like forgetting to brush your teeth once is not going to give you a cavity. But, the act of brushing your teeth (or not brushing your teeth) on a daily basis for years on end, is what provides the result. Just like eating one salad won’t make you fit and one donut won’t make you fat. Think of compounding interest…
  4. Find support – Who are the people you spend a lot of time around? These are the people who should be in the know about the changes you plan to make – be sure to get their support. Also, find someone who can help keep you accountable (we call this person and account-a-bil-a-buddy)!
  5. Celebrate success – Don’t forget to reward yourself for following through. This could be a small treat, a new outfit, a night out, etc. Just be careful that you’re not rewarding yourself with the things you’re looking to get away from…i.e. spending $300 on a new outfit when you’re trying to save money.
  6. Research success stories – Chances are, whatever you’re trying to accomplish has already been accomplished by someone else. So, rather than reinventing the wheel, find someone who has had success and ask them how they did it. Everything that worked for them may not work for you, but I bet you can get some useful nuggets!

One other thing, commit to your goal/resolution for the month of January instead of the entire year. Prove to yourself that its something you really want and are willing to make sacrifices for…if you make it through January, keep on going! If you don’t make it through January, figure out what went wrong, make an adjustment, and move forward!