Does Alcohol Affect My Gains?

By: Coach Sammie

Here I go… being the awful mom coach that’s going to mention how bad alcohol is for you THE DAY BEFORE ST. PATTY’S DAY!

Listen.. I come from a long line of Irish, whiskey drinking, hooligans and in my family the consumption of the occasional alcoholic beverage is very common. I’m not here to tell you that drinking alcohol is bad and you should never do it. Just like I would never tell you that you should never ever eat a slice of cake…because cake is good. I would however tell you its probably not a good idea to eat an entire cake, on a weekly basis… especially if your main goal right now is to lose weight. I would also tell you that if your fitness goal is to gain muscle then drinking numerous drinks every week.. is probably not the best idea.

Alcohol, especially excessive alcohol, can have some pretty negative effects on our body’s ability to gain muscle, lose fat, and recover from workouts. Here is a short video that does a really good job explaining exactly what goes on in our bodies when we consume alcohol and how that can affect our gains in the gym. Take a few minutes and watch this:


Some take aways:

  1. It’s a good idea to learn what alcohol, and any other food/drink for that matter, does to your body when you consume it.
  2. Keep your goal in mind when deciding if/when/how much you drink
  3. If you choose to consume alcohol, make sure you are making other healthy choices in your daily life to minimize the bad effects it can have.
  4. Always Always Always Be Responsible.

Coach Mom Out. 🙂 Happy St. Patty’s Day ReviveRs