Patience in Simplicity

By: Coach DP

Being a coach means always observing, even when I’m not on the clock, I’m watching and gathering as much as I can about our members. One thing that has always been an observation of mine is an expectation of progress, and the speed at which it comes, most notably when we are talking about strength or a higher skill movement.

There is a tendency to make comments about things that more advanced students, or coaches, do in the gym as if it is a display of a talent they have. We’re talking about strength and conditioning here, there is no amount of talent that makes heavy barbell work look easy. Some of the members in the gym have being doing high level S&C for over a decade. I myself, can remember in college, being the only guy on the team who had never done a power clean. That was 9 years ago. Its been a long road for the more advanced lifters to get where they are. I personally don’t “have a knack for doing barbell thrusters” for example, I’ve just been doing it for a third of my life.

As a novice student in the gym, it’s very easy to get caught up in checking progress from day to day, when in reality, its needs to be month to month, and probably more so, year to year. Specifically when talking about strength. Strength, whether it be a barbell lift or the ability to rep out strict pull ups, doesn’t happen in weeks or months; think years, and then add a couple. I don’t want this to be seen as discouragement, rather a recalibration of our timelines. The journey you’re on with us is going to be paved with victories, PR’s, and new milestones.

And it’s way simpler to get there than you think…

Remember we’re always watching. I see us making this all complicated. You’ve got meetings and responsibilities (kids, dogs, mowing the lawn) and this work in the gym is tough after all, right? If we all agree that things like love, war, and getting to the gym are hard then we can mutually agree that if we give it our best college try, God willing things will work out…..right? I mean I guess that works, but what if we are being dramatic? What if the simple truth is that this gym thing, and the progress that comes with it is so easy that we all look ridiculous when we find a way to mess it up?

Let’s think about it. If you are a certified badass, dedicated student that came in, oh I don’t know… three days a week (yes that’s it) and you didn’t intentionally eat like you were trying to kill yourself, you’d be untouchable. No doctor could tell you to “be a little better”. You could sign up for any tough mudder, triathlon, bike race, or Highland games you wanted to.  I’m talking about you being a strong, enduring, mobile, certified badass.

Its this easy:

  1. Train three days a week with the same dedication that you watch Game of Thrones.
  2. Don’t intentionally eat like you are trying to kill yourself (Think lean meats, fish, veggies, some fruits, nuts and seeds, little starch, and no sugar)

This is easy. Patience is easy. Yet somehow we turn this process into a lunar landing attempt. I’m not asking you to drink the Kool Aide (wayyyy too much sugar), I’m not saying become a gym rat. I’m telling you this far away, improbable goal of true, real fitness is not hard. Be patient. Show up. Eat your veggies. Go get it.