Stop Negotiating with Yourself

By: Coach Vince

Alarm clock

The night before plan your day out and set your alarm based on your schedule. By waking up and not hitting the snooze button you have accomplished your first victory of the day. It also has this great benefit of not making you feel so tired upon waking.  In a perfect sleep cycle your REM sleep will be ending as you wake but if you hit the snooze body your body falls back into the middle of REM sleep when the alarm goes off 9 minutes later…thus leading to you feeling groggy and tired.

Thankful and Grateful time every morning

I think of Thankful time as your moment to say words and think thoughts about yourself, others, and situations in your life looking for the positive.  I think of Grateful time as your moment to figure out your actions you plan on doing to show your positivity to yourself, others, and situations that day. P.S this also makes number 4 on the list a lot easier to accomplish hint hint.

Going to the gym

I use the gym to re-energize myself, not give it whatever is left of me.  I say stop negotiating with yourself and go to the gym because of the snowball effect it has on all the other areas of my life.  I eat better, I sleep better, I manage my stress better, and I love the positive social interactions I get from going to the gym. (exercising is such a small portion of the day and has such a small effect compared to these other areas of life)

Being Happy

The choice is yours.  Every day we are faced with ups and downs and I think being happy allows you to make the ups better and the downs easier.  Most people rely on others and/or situations to make them happy but it truly becomes powerful when you realize that no other person or situation can take it away because it’s YOUR CHOICE.

What will you stop negotiating with yourself?