What's Your Struggle?

By: Coach DP

I was asked about a week ago why I choose CrossFit as my preferred method of chasing fitness. My answer was simple; “I like the pain.” Looking back at that conversation, I don’t believe that “pain” was the correct answer. When I really dug into why I train the way I do, and encourage people to join the community that we have, it isn’t pain that is the motivator. The motivator is that hour long struggle, that time of day when things are done that we might not have believed we could have done the day before. Struggling to succeed is what draws me into this space.

Looking at our world today, I believe that things have become too easy, too safe, too sanitized. Humans learn best through failure, yet we have designed a world around us to avoid failure at all costs. That sanitization of our world, I would say, is what has led to people seeking out the challenges that come within our gyms walls. It’s also the reason that we consistently create these “resolutions” at the beginning of every year that never seem to make it out of this first month. 

What Im getting at is that maybe we need to shift our focus when looking to make a change. Instead of focusing on what that end goal is, whether it be a trip to Regionals, losing 10lbs, or beating Vince in a barbell curl contest, we need to focus on the road that will get us there. Focus on the daily struggle to change the habits that have gotten us somewhere that we had never planned for ourselves. When we are able to zero in on the path, and just keep in mind the destination, the distractions and detours along the way never come into focus. 

Embrace discomfort. Look for the change that needs to happen to reach your end goal, and realize that the struggle you will inevitably go through, is going to make the final destination worth it.