ZenPlanner Workout Tracker

By: Team CFR

For those of you awesome individuals who check/record your workouts on ZenPlanner, you may have noticed this week looks little different on the app. In order to accurately present the workouts full breakdown on the ZenPlanner app, we had to be very specific in the description of each movement/skill. Because of this, we had to create a new “skill” every time it showed up in a different workout. This becomes a problem when you try to look back through your “library” of skills and 25 Back Squat options show up, you then have to click through every single one to find the set/reps/specifics you are looking for…. no thank you!

So we have figured out a solution :). From now on the full workout breakdown will go on CFR website. ZenPlanner will only show the movements that need to be recorded. I have attached a video below to walk you through this and show you how it will save you time and be much more organized. The old skills will have to be deleted to clean up how the library looks. With that being said, some of your old data will be lost. But going forward this will be a much more efficient way of recording your results and tracking your progress.

If you have any questions please let me know!