Asstitude Adjustment

By: Coach Vince

Asstitude (ass*ti*tude): 1. The positive emotions generated by the shaking/movement of the gluteus maximus muscles and hip flexors. 2. The scientific study of shaking one’s ass as it pertains to one’s joyous feelings.

As many of you know I had the incredible opportunity of seeing Tony Robbins live at his Unleash The Power Within event over the weekend.  It was a weekend that absolutely blew away my expectations and a must for anyone interested on improving themselves!!! The crazy part was, my expectations were that the weekend would change my life and he delivered on that PLUS some!!!  As I have a chance to let all the emotions and information process over the next few weeks I’ll keep you updated and continue to share my experience. 

Throughout the course Tony made it very clear that complexity is the enemy of completion.  So, what he did to help us battle that all weekend long was to make things very simple.  Not necessarily easy, but very simple.  Simple enough for us to at least try it and judge for ourselves if it was something that would work for us or not.  

My challenge for you today is to try what he called an “Asstitude Adjustment.”  The next time you’re not happy about your attitude or you need a little bit more energy, try giving yourself an Asstitude Adjustment.  Here are the steps.

1. Recognize that you don’t like the mood that you are in

2. Turn on a song that makes you feel good

3. Shake your ass (aka Dance) as vigorously as you can for :30 seconds

It’s that simple!!! Seems silly right? Especially as a man who is a horrible dancer (myself), the worst thing you could possible do is just read this and not try it for yourself.  Stop reading right now and follow steps 1,2,3….I’ll wait until you’re done…..


    For those of you brave enough to try this, how do you feel? Do you feel better, worse, or the same?  Every single time I’ve done this I feel better and I feel like I have more energy! It makes it even more fun if you smile (even if you have to fake it) while you’re doing it and if you want to take it to the next level, trying doing it with someone else!

    If this made you feel better and it gave you more energy, could you get more stuff done?  If you could get more stuff done, what would that mean to you? If it made you feel better, how would that impact your interactions with family, friends, coworkers, etc.?  

    If you did this and you loved it, please share your experience with me and let me know the songs that pump you up! Right now, my two favorite songs to dance like crazy to are Calvin Harris Lets Go and Deorro Yee.

    Have a great weekend Revivers. I am super excited to hear about your Asstitude Adjustment!