Excuses or Priorities

By: Coach Murphy

It seems cliché to say, but if something is a priority you will find time for it. No matter what area of life it may be in. 

The two biggest excuses I hear for missing goals, or simply not putting effort toward any goal, are: time and money. I am not a financial advisor and struggle with money myself so that will not be my focus today. Time will be of essence in this blog.

And since time is of the essence this will be a fairly short and concise post. I don’t like to belabor points or drag on unnecessarily (although I do find myself on tangents sometimes). 

When I hear someone say that they do not have time to work on mobility, build a skill, or meal prep- it really tells me their level of priority and commitment. If something is important to you it will become something that you put energy toward. Because who wants to waste energy on the mundane?

Your level of commitment becomes clearer, as well, if you make excuses revolving around a goal. A high level of commitment evolves into identifying roadblocks that could easily become excuses, but instead are problem solved and the path toward a goal changes to work around those roadblocks.

Now, I am in no way saying that making excuses makes you a bad person or that you are slacking in any way. But your mindset surrounding your excuses will determine your success or failure. 

If I speak about my goals or tasks I wish to accomplish, I no longer try to say “I don’t have ____”, whatever the reasoning may be (time, money, energy, etc). Instead, my words are “I did not make [goal] a priority”. This creates accountability on myself to accomplish the task and removes power from outside factors. 

Try it for a bit, even with the smallest of things, to tell yourself you did not make something a priority. Whether in a conversation with just yourself or someone else. It could be as everyday as taking out some trash or putting a piece of clothing into the dirty basket. You will be amazed at what happens when you begin to take responsibility for what you want to get done!