'Found' Time

By: Coach J

“I just don’t have time for that…"

Do you ever find yourself thinking that? That there’s just no time for learning, or reading, or expanding your knowledge past what you already know.

But then you hear stories of people who are on top of their work, have amazing family lives, and still, somehow, have time to unwind, read, learn, or be entertained.

Well I’m going to share with you one way to get more out of your day - it’s the concept of ‘found’ time. ‘Found’ time is time that you already spend doing things you ‘have to’ but could also be used for learning or de-stressing. I’m talking about driving in the car, doing chores, walking, etc. 

These are great times to throw in the head phones and listen to a podcast or audio book. This could be a new way for you to learn new skills, expand your knowledge on health and fitness, de-stress, or just be entertained.

I’m a huge fan of podcasts, so I’ve listed some of my favorites below. However, I know a lot of people take advantage of Audible and its audio books - so that could be something else to try out.

My challenge to you is to first locate your ‘found’ time - then, choose a topic you care about and find a podcast or audio-book on that topic. Lastly, take action! Start listening the next time you’re in those situations!

Here are some of my favs:

- Impact Theory

- OPEX - Fitness Explained

- The Joe Rogan Experience

- The Ready State

- The ONE Thing

- The Tony Robbins Podcast

- The Model Health Show

Don’t be afraid to search for key words - there are thousands of great podcast out there! And as far as audio books, I’m pretty sure there are millions and millions to choose from. 

Please shoot me an email with your favorite podcasts or audio-books, I’d love to hear about em!