Logical Layout + Emotional Execution= HOW YOU GET SH** DONE!

By: Coach Vince

Logical: capable of clear, sound reasoning

Layout: the way in which parts of something are arranged

Emotional: characterized by intense feeling

Execution: the carrying out of a plan or course of action

*the definitions weren’t for you; I know how smart you are. They are for me haha!

Logical Layout:

How many times does the architect look at the blueprints? When laying out how the building should be built, there are certain steps that must be followed.  Following these steps ensures the building is built safely and efficiently. The blueprints allow the architect to follow along as the actual work is being done. Checking back with the blueprints as its being built allows the architect to make any corrections that are needed, whether it be an oversight in the layout process or in the actual work that is being done.  The odds of something not being perfect is extremely high, that’s why there is consistent checking and re-checking of the blueprints.  The earlier a mistake is found, the simpler the fix.  Here are some questions you should spend time with on a daily basis to better understand your Logical Layout.

1. What is true about my current situation? *

2. What do I want?

3. What am I willing to do to get it?

*take all emotions out and just find the facts about what’s really going on and what can you really do about it

Use the answers to these questions to come up with your layout.  A proper layout ensures success exponentially. 

Emotional Execution:    

How often does a baby cry when it needs something?  When the baby cries, it gets a response.  The response is someone coming to comfort them. The comfort could be a diaper change, food, being picked up, etc.  The crying is an emotion that lets the person know that something needs to be done and the harder the cry, the more something needs to be done immediately.  How often do you need comfort throughout the day?  As adults, most of us find comfort in having certainty. Certainty that things will go how we want them to go.  If you knew that all you had to do was cry any time you didn’t have certainty in your life, how often would you cry?  Most adults know that for the most part crying doesn’t always get them what they want.  But using specific emotions can get you what you want.  Emotions give us the necessary drive to accomplish our biggest and smallest goals, we just have to pick the right emotion. Whose more likely to have success, the person who is always sad or the person who can find happiness in the smallest things life has to offer?  That’s right, happiness! So, if you want to be more successful you need to find more happiness.  Yes, find it!  Every once in a while it will find you and if you only want it every once in a while, then perfect.  But if you want it every day, then you must find it!  If you want to get shit done, then you need to find the emotions that allow you to get shit done and reinforce them on a daily basis!  Here are some questions you should spend time with on a daily basis to better understand your Emotional Execution.

1. How do I feel right now?

2. How do I want to feel?

3. What do I need to do in order to feel the way I want to feel?

Use the answers to these questions to come up with emotions that allow you to live the life you deserve!


    If you’re anything like me then most likely one of these areas are your strength and the other a weakness. Working on both together has had an extreme positive impact on my life.  Just like with most things in life, consistency is key.  Setting time aside on a daily basis to work on these areas and possibly even more important, setting time to reflect on how you did in both of these areas will be key to your success.  

Would love to hear your feedback on what your routines look like to work on both of these areas!!! If there’s anything I can do to help, please reach out and we can set up a time to chat.

Have a great day!