Tracking Behavior Instead Of Pounds

By: Coach Sammie

I read an interesting blog today, from a client of a nutrition program I follow on social media. This client.. lets call her Tami, has been working with this well known organization for 6 months. During, her first 4 months, after her initial weigh in, she did not go on the scale once. Instead from February through June. She tracked her progress through another avenue.. her behavior. 

Her coach would give her a task for that week and Tami would track her progress by how consistent she could be with accomplishing said task. When her coach felt it was appropriate, they would give her another task to add to her daily duties. These tasks were as simple as: eat 4 servings of veggies every day, drink half your body weight in ounces every day, exercise 4 days this week, write down 3 things you are grateful for every night, etc…. As time went on Tami started noticing changes… but not just physical changes like the fact that her clothes fit better, her muscles were more defined, her waist was smaller in pictures….. she also noticed mental/emotional changes. Her confidence in her ability to complete a task went up. Her ability to adapt to challenges she faced improved. Her energy through out the day was steady. She slept better, handled her stress better at work, started approaching her workouts differently and enjoying them more. She felt proud of herself and had positive self thoughts. The improvements she was experiencing were incredible. 

In June, Tami decided to hop back on the scale just to “see” what it said…

Tami gained 7lbs.


After a mini stroke-like effect Tami came to her senses. How could she have gained weight? Does that mean it didn’t work? Does that mean the last 4 months was a waste of time? 

After talking to her coach, who had Tami walk through all the positive behaviors and changes that have occurred, she realized that the scale did not define her success. That number was the most important thing to her at the beginning of her process, but as she grew and adapted… she realized now that it was not as important as she once thought. This was very eye opening to her. Tami is proud of her progress so far and will continue to point her focus towards her behavioral changes rather than the numbers on the scale until she reaches her goal.

Pretty cool right?

Now I know some of you who are on a weightless journey will read this and say that the scale still matters to you.. and that is COMPLETELY OK! There is nothing wrong with that. This story was simply to shed some light of a different perspective. And if you are someone who has put all your emphasis on the scale for a long time, and has continued to felt defeated time and time again…. Maybe this is another avenue for you to try? Maybe try pointing your focus and tracking your progress through your behaviors for a while. Create real change in how your function day to day. Fuel your body with healthy foods. Input positive daily practices. Become more mindful of your choices throughout your day.

Could be fun right?

As always, if you are looking for some direction, accountability, and encouragement.. talk to a coach! We are here and eager to help :)