State Of Healing

By: Coach Sammie

Like most of my blogs, this topic was inspired by a conversation I was having with a member. Without going into too much detail, this member has been dealing with some health concerns in the past recent months and thus has had to change their focus and goals. This has been a challenge in multiple ways, but through several discussions we’ve been able to realign her mindset and training towards a goal of “healing”. 

I’d venture to say that at some point in time in your fitness journey, regardless of where you started or where you want to end up… somewhere along the way, you will hit a bump in the road. This could be an injury, an illness, a major life change, a mental/emotional break… the list goes on.

When something like that happens, you goals (at least temporarily) will have to change. Thus your mindset and actions will have to change. And as we all know change is not always an easy thing.. Especially when that change seems to be taking steps back rather than forward. When we are faced with this new reality we tend to sulk, feel bad for ourselves, get super frustrated, want to blame someone or something, or want to give up all together. Do any of those sound like productive solutions to you? Do any of those sound like they will get you back on track? Do any of those sound like they will aid in your healing? NO

You may have heard the saying before “NOT YOUR FAULT, BUT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY”. When injury, illness, or tragedy happens to you… it may not be your fault, but it is your responsibility to correct the situation. And in order to do that you have to HEAL. 

Healing must be your number one focus…. And in order to heal you need to set yourself up physically, mentally, and emotionally to do so. This means that your fitness (exercise) and your recovery (nutrition, sleep, stress management) should be focused on putting your body in the optimal state for healing. 

In order to heal an injury, an illness, a dysfunction… your body needs energy… it needs to pull its energy sources from other systems in your body to this one area. We all know that your body does not have endless amount of energy, so in order to pull from other areas, you must decrease the demands in those areas for energy, you following me?  Ex: Let say you are trying to heal a gut issue (which takes a lot of energy to remove toxins, reduce inflammation, and rebuild healthy tissue). But you are eating poor foods, sleeping minimal hours, not handling your stress at work well, and exercising at a high intensity every day to try and make up for your bad food choices….. how will that affect the healing of your gut?

Im glad you asked!… lets dig a little deeper..

  • If you are eating highly processed, nutrient poor foods.. your body needs to use a significant amount of energy to try and get rid of the toxins in the food, combat the inflammation and irritation caused by said foods, and isn’t getting any vitamins/minerals to help out… :(
  • If you are not sleeping well, your body isn’t able to fully recover from all that it goes through during the day. Your muscle tissue wont rebuild properly from your workouts, the fluid that builds up in your brain throughout the day won’t release completely and thus can cause mental clarity issues/pressure, your sympathetic nervous system wont get the appropriate rest it needs from a day of being “active”. And your body is unable to restock its energy storages leaving you drained and sluggish. Booooo
  • If you are highly stressed and not managing it well, you are creating a lovely chaotic combination of releasing too much of certain hormones and inhibiting other hormones too much which can cause a whole bunch of mess inside your body (and emotional state), again using up copious amounts of energy combat.
  • If you exercise intensely everyday, leaving you feeling drained after.. this takes a lot of energy to recover from. Your nervous system, cardiovascular system, and muscular system all require energy for repair and recovery. (Don’t get me wrong, high intensity exercise is fun and appropriate in certain amounts and under certain circumstances if you have the energy needed to focus on this, but it can be a deterrent if you are wanting/needing your energy somewhere else.. ya feel me?).

So how do you promote a state of healing? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Make sure your workouts are energy promoting, NOT energy depleting… this may mean lower intensity, maybe picking strength with rest over high volume with no rest. (if your dealing with an injury, your workouts should focus on the healing of that area in the appropriate progression)
  • Make sure the food you eat is packed with good nutrients to aide in healing and proper organ functioning (lots of vitamins and minerals, good protein, good fats, lots of water).
  • Your sleep must be a priority so that your body can recover and replenish throughout the night (try to be consistent with length and bedtimes to start). 
  • You should actively pursue ways to positively manage the stresses in your life that can negatively affect your body, your mindset, and your mood (talk to a coach, create some daily habits to aide in this).

*** this should all be done in a positive mindset/perspective. What does that mean? Well if you are pissed off about your injury/illness/set back… and continue to be pissed off about it during this process of “healing”…. How successful do you think you’ll be? Probably not very.

This is where the “not your fault, but your responsibility” comes into play… to be short and blunt this means GET OVER IT. Don’t get stuck feeling bad, because you will stay there forever. Instead, change your mindset. Set yourself up for growth and success. Figure out a solution, create a game plan, and take action with full intent and focus. If you look at this the right way, you can learn so much during this time.. you will grow to be a stronger person mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

So if you hurt yourself, you have to deal with an illness/issue, something tragic happens in your life and sets you back… take a minute to feel the feels, then get your mind together, refocus/realign your priorities, and MOVE FORWARD. That is how you HEAL and that is how you become #thebestyou.

As always, your coaches are here to walk with you through any struggle/set back you are facing. Let us help you move forward and HEAL.