My Top 3 Musts For Losing Weight

By: Coach Vince


Over the past 7 months my goal was to lose 6-8#. Here are the top 3 things I noticed while trying to lose weight. 

  • Planning is a must

Like most people, I have a ton of decisions to make throughout the day. Some decisions are simple, some are complex.  I noticed I made much better food choices when my food decision was already made vs. waiting until I was hungry and make a decision on what to eat.  During the week, when I am responsible for the most amount of decisions is when I am very strict on my meal prep. The three things I made sure I had at each meal was a protein source, veggie, and water.  Water is typically no problem to get wherever you are but getting protein and veggies defiantly took some planning.  This doesn’t have to be perfect but having a plan and food already made was such a key to my success.

  • Its ok to mess up but you have to get right back on track

I was NOT perfect during the 7 months. I had birthday parties, family trips, anniversary, and many other events that took me out of my routine.  My biggest recommendation is to the best of your ability try and eat very clean leading up to the event, enjoy yourself, and then get right back on track.  If you treat this more like a marathon vs. a sprint, this philosophy works very well.  If you’re trying to lose all your weight by yesterday, then you have much less room for error.  I had a lot of people ask me why I am taking such a long period of time to lose such a little amount of weight and the answer is I knew I wasn’t going to be perfect and having some meals that were less than ideal was much more enjoyable vs. stressing about what the scale was going to say if I messed up.  You don’t have to be perfect, you just need to have more victories than loses!

  • Exercising really hard made me want to eat everything in sight

I try very hard on a weekly basis to write the Reviver Group Program to fulfill a lot needs.  Some people love exercising hard, some love just coming here and hanging out with their buddies.  Each workout I try to write in a way that each individual can make the workout as easy or as hard as they want to make it.  I noticed on days that I pushed it really hard, especially on my third day in a row, that I would come home and be ravenous.  As I started to become more aware of this happening, I would back off on how hard I would push it in my workouts and noticed that my hunger was much more manageable.  I began to have the mindset of instead of using the workout to exhaust me, I am going to use it to energize me.  What this means to me is I paid much closer attention to how I felt and how I was moving.  I would make sure that I worked hard enough to break a sweat but easy enough that I could do the workout for two hours instead of just an hour.  Moving at this pace allowed me to have much more mastery in each of the exercises.  I was able to feel the correct muscles working and felt extremely proficient moving my body or an object.  Most people fall victim to trying to out exercise a bad diet (myself included) and it just never ends very well.  For me the mentality is using exercise to improve my strength (heart, lungs, muscles) and nutrition to improve my body composition (how I look and feel).

At the start of this journey I weighed 178# and dropped down to 172#.  Although it’s not a ton of weight, I was proud that I set a goal and reached it.  I hope these top 3 must help you out in your journey! Of course, if you have any questions, feedback, or want help…please don’t hesitate to reach out!

I’ll keep ya’ll updated on my next adventure…