Why I Don't Like Soreness

Why I don't like soreness.png

By: Coach Paul

It has always been seen as a badge of honor to be sore. That was a marker that you had worked hard, earned any reward for your workout, or established the quality of a workout. 

However, if I am sore - I know a few things will happen:

1.    It will take me longer to warm up properly to perform at even just an adequate level. 

2.    My movement changes to avoid the discomfort my soreness brings.

3.    I will lower my output for the day because my muscles are not recovered and therefore cannot perform at their best.

4.    This also means the stimulus of my workout changes because my muscles need to recover and not be worn down more. 

Soreness to the level of waking up and simply noticing sensation may be ok but to move joints and feel aches in muscles is not something to strive for. 

Instead the goal is to work hard for the day and know the work I did was quality work aimed at a specific outcome. Then the next day to keep feeling good so I can do that same thing again. Rinse and repeat each day I train or go perform a physical task each week, and all the weeks following.  

Keep in mind that soreness is muscles broken down. They then need to recover, not be pushed harder into a state of further damage. Your body will thank you and reward you for listening.