Get What You Came For.

By: Coach Vince

Most people come to Reviver for one or more of the following: 

  • Weight loss

  • Performance

  • Community

  • Coaching

This is a cheat sheet on how to take advantage of what you came for. You’re not limited to just one! Feel free to pick them all!!! Of course, if you want more help in any of these areas, please reach out and it’d be my pleasure to assist you.

If your objective is weight loss, then we know paying attention to your calories will play a big role on your success. With the advancement of technology and pretty much everyone having a cell phone on them at all times, MyFitnessPal is a very powerful tool to keep track of your nutrition. You can treat it like a digital notebook or actual weigh and measure food to get an in-depth look at your Calories, Macro-nutrients (protein, carbs, fats), and Micro-nutrients (vitamins, minerals). What’s also great about the app is that a Coach can follow along with you to help support you and provide guidance.

If your objective is performance, then we know paying attention to the weights you lift, the reps you get, and how fast something takes you will play a big role on your success. Once again your phone is a great way to ensure you are seeing increases in your performances. The Zenplanner app that you use to attend class also has a great function in it for tracking weights, reps, and times.  Just like MFP app, a coach can follow along with you to help support you and provide guidance.

If your objective is community (aka meeting people), then we know interacting with others will play a big role on your success. There are a few ways we encourage interaction; before/after class mingling, in class pairings, gym events, and social media.  I guarantee if you reach your hand out and introduce yourself to anyone in the gym, you’ll get a friendly response back.  Our community has made great business deals together, traded services, created lifelong friendships, marriages, and has even made babies!!! Some of these may or may not be what you’re looking for but the previous statement was made to show the depth and breadth of how awesome and impactful our community has been on each other’s lives. If you’re more of the shy person, then our social media is a great way to interact with people from the community. Join, like, follow, and discuss our posts on Instagram and Facebook. The community has changed my life for the better and if you need help getting connected, let me know and I can help.

If your objective is coaching, then reaching out to your coaches will have the biggest impact on your success.  I often give the analogy: the coaches are architects and the members are builders.  When you have a discussion with a coach, they can help make sure you’re getting the results you want. From the discussion, you and the coach come up with a blueprint to reach your result.  When you and the coach agree upon the blueprint, the coach is left to believe all is good.  You as the builder need to let the coach know when you run out of supplies or something doesn’t fit like the blueprint said it would.  Reaching out to the architect (coach) allows you both to get back on the same page, revise the blueprint and continue building the result you desire. We have four full time coaches, who dedicate their days to helping you.  We need you to help us by reaching out when you need help.