Coach Baby T

Hi Revivers!

Coach Baby Terbrack here to say HELLO! I’m so excited to meet you all VERY SOON! 

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you’ve done for my mom and dad the past 9 months. Your support and advice has been beyond appreciated. They have learned so much already from those of you who have families of your own. From friendly words of advice (or warnings!) to the example you set when you bring your own kids into the gym. You have all had a great impact on them. They now feel prepared and excited to step into this new chapter of life called “parenthood” and all the blessings/challenges it will surely involve. They are comforted to know that I will grow up surrounded by health focused, hard working, good hearted people. 

I’m anticipated to arrive in Michigan next Friday, March 8th. But we all know how schedules can change, so there is a slight chance I could arrive early or late (hopefully not too late for mom’s sake).

I cant wait to meet all of you and thank you in person for all you have done for my parents. Mom and I are going to spend some time together 1-on-1 (she’s needy like that) and I know she will miss you all dearly. She feels extremely blessed to be able to take time off but is also eager to get back to all of you.

If my mom doesn’t get a chance to see you before I arrive, she wanted to make sure I thanked you for your kindness and generosity during her pregnancy and that she hopes you have a wonderful March/April. 

Your soon-to-be newest Reviver,

Coach Baby T