Here's Challenge For You

By: Coach Vince

Most of us at the gym are on our own unique journeys in our lives. Where we’re going, what we want, and what’s next is different for each of us. One of the major commonalities that we all share is, however, the amount of time in a day. We all get 24 hours. For me, I like to think of the 24 hours in three 8 hour chunks.  The math doesn’t always work out perfect for everyone, so you might need to make adjustments. I have a feeling my schedule is in for a major adjustment hahaha! No matter the math, these are the three very common themes of each of our days.

8 hours of sleep

8 hours of work 

8 hours of me time

Now that we’ve kept the math simple on the time, let’s keep it simple on the purpose of each of these themes. The purpose of sleep is to recover from the day. Recovering from the day improves your health. The purpose of work is to get fulfillment or worse case, make enough money for you to experience fulfillment in other areas. Having fulfillment from your work improves your health. Me time’s purpose is to revive(r) yourself through activities with others or yourself that are relaxing/playful/enjoying. See what I did there with the revive, it’s like Reviver. We hope every time you come to the gym you feel revived! Reviving yourself is incredibly important to…you guessed it, your health.  Health encompasses the whole day!

My challenge is, what can you do this month to improve your health?

My goal is to add 10 minutes of prayer/quiet time in the middle of the day, each day. 

As always I would love to hear what you’re challenging yourself with! Please send me an email or stop me at the gym and let me know what you’re challenging yourself with to improve your health.