MURPH Mentality

Travel Workouts-2.png

By: Coach Sarah

Friends! Murph is just around the corner! Are you ready? Nervous? Excited? All of these emotions are normal and we as coaches are here to help you navigate them. When approaching Murph, I always ask myself the following questions and then strategize a plan. 

  • What is my goal?

    • Try to beat my time from last year?

    • Try movement customizations with less assistance? It may take me longer, but I’d be making my movements more challenging, so its still a win!

  • What will be the toughest part?

    • Which portion of the workout will be most challenging for me? The run? The 20 rounds? The muscular fatigue component? The breathing component?

  • How can I best tackle the toughest part? 

    • Running: I could take down the run from a mile to half mile, or walk instead of run. I could walk and run off and on based on how I feel. I could bike the first mile and run the last mile? 

    • Movement: If it’s the push-ups, maybe I do 5, complete my squats, and then complete the remaining 5? If it’s the pull-ups, maybe I alternate between pull-ups and ring rows every other round?  Squats the sticky part? Add a ball as a target or face a pole on the rig to ensure that I’m standing all the way up. 

    • Breathing: I could time out each round. Give myself 90seconds per round that way I stay paced out and maybe even get a little rest each round.

  • What is the ONE thing that I will focus on? 

    • Is it my form? (if so go slow enough that my breathing doesn’t distract me my form)

    • Is it my breathing? (if so, pick movements that are simple enough for me to focus on my breathing and not on how hard the movement is)

    • Is it making sure I’m having a good time? (make sure I’m picking movements and a pace that allows me to enjoy what I’m doing)

To strategize a workout like MURPH- I like to determine the toughest part and then analysis how I plan to get through it. From there I set my goal and align it with my one thing to focus on. Overall, Murph is a day to see where you’re at in your fitness journey and have some fun with good people! Go into it with an open mindset and a remember to have good time! Y’all got this!