Flip The Script

By: Coach Murphy

The conversations you have with friends are great and important. But the conversations you have with yourself are far more important. Little things you tell yourself each day will add up over time. Whether they are building you up or digging a hole in your self-esteem and self-worth is up to you and the words you choose.

It is the small comments that seem harmless and are often dismissed when in conversation around others. I have fallen victim to it, and still do at times, when it comes to certain aspects in life. 

“I’ll never be …”

Three little words put in a specific order set the tone for what you believe.  

“I’ll never be as strong as …”

“I’ll never be as fast as …”

Whatever comes after ‘I’ll never be” places a road block for you, by you. Understanding that what you see in life, and for sure on social media, is often the highlight reel of someone’s life. What is missing is all the time, effort, hard work and failure that went into getting to where they are now. 

I cannot offer solutions to becoming what you want to be. But the guidance I suggest helps with the first step in getting anywhere. Change the words used to preface where you want to be.

“He/she worked hard to get so strong. I will have to work as hard to get that strong too.”

“It took a long time for her/him to get that fast. I need to be patient and keep working to get faster.”

Genetic limitations and opportunities aside, to become the best version of yourself will take work. And if you are not recognizing that by putting a “I’ll never” limiter in front of anything you wish to be or have – then it truly never will be.

The first step is recognizing the work. The second step is to get yourself headed in that direction. Ask some hard questions and ask a lot of them. Start with one:

“What is the one thing I can do today that will move me toward my goal?”

It doesn’t have to be monumental. Want to be stronger? Maybe you need to define a goal weight to lift. Want to be healthier? Maybe you need to review your eating habits or stress levels throughout the day?

Start small. The little things add up. Begin with framing statements in a positive manner, it is the first step in setting yourself up for success. Then find an action step to move toward your goal. Sometimes that means the first part is clearly defining it. 

Flip the script on yourself.