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By: Coach Sammie

Can we take a minute to celebrate how amazing our Reviver Dads are?!?

Dads - you’re awesome! Thank you for setting an example for your children on how important it is to take care of your body and prioritize your health. 

I’m sure we all can look back and remember a person who had a positive impact on our fitness/health journey. For me it was 100% my father. 

My dad was a firefighter for the city of Royal Oak for 30 years. He worked crazy hours (24hrs on.. sometimes 48hrs). His job was physically demanding and very stressful. My dad understood that the stronger/healthier he was, the better he would be able to do his job. So my dad exercised every day. He would get off shift at 7am, come home, head to our basement gym, and workout. Most of the time he did strength training and would maybe go for a run after. On the days he was very tired he might just do some stretching and a light bike ride. After he was done he’d make scrambled eggs with ham (his speciality) and drink his greens smoothie (and this was before it was the cool thing to do). I witnessed this consistent routine for 17 years. Other things I noticed about my dad: he was able to play outside with us, help us practice our sports, was hardly ever sick, and was one of the most “calm under pressure” people I’ve ever met. 

Through years of education and experience in this field I can say with absolute certainty that he was the way he was because he took care of his body and prioritized his health. The impact his example had on my life and how I take care of myself now is unmeasurable…. 

And dads - you are having the exact same impact on your children, I promise you. 

They watch you….. when you get ready for the gym, when you come home sweaty, when you eat healthy foods, when you drink water, when you meal prep, when you practice healthy stress management techniques, when you go to bed and wake up consistently. They pick it all up and it will affect how they view exercise and health throughout their entire lives. 

On behalf of every child who looks up to his/her father I want to say THANK YOU! For working as hard as you do to support them, for taking care of yourself so that you can take care of them, and for setting such an amazing example for them. 

Enjoy your Fathers day and be proud of your #dadbod :)