The Keys To A Professional Crash Diet


By: Coach Vince

My summary of the article “Draymond Green and the artful zen of a crash diet”

I was very skeptical clicking on an article with “Crash Diet” in the title but interested to see how a professional athlete does it. Draymond Green is a professional basketball player in the NBA and plays on the Golden State Warriors. He has struggled with weight the majority of his career and was challenged by the teams General Manager to get “in shape.” I assumed the article would include all the ridiculous things people do to lose weight quickly (only to gain it all back, plus some) and I was pleasantly surprised to see the opposite of that. A man who gets paid millions of dollars a year and could buy all the cleanses, skinny teas, and weight loss creams; actually did the right thing that all of us could do to lose the weight for good…

  1. He got rid of his vices

“Green cut out all his vices. Chips, red wine, fast food. All gone.”

What food do you need to get rid of that you tend to over eat?

2. He worked on his emotions

"Having that control, it carries over to other areas in your life. We all love to eat. We all enjoy the things that we enjoy. If I can conquer that and not do that, why can't I conquer my emotions, too? Well, maybe I can f---ing conquer my emotions! Maybe I can conquer anything else! And so I think honestly that has really helped put me in a different state."

What areas of your life do you need to get control over to put you in a different state?

3. He got accountability 

"When I'm making decisions now, somewhere in my mind is like, 'Will she approve of it?'

Do you have someone that cares enough to help you but will also call you out on your B.S?

This is by far one of the best “crash diets” I’ve ever seen. Losing weight and becoming healthy is serious business, and is not best accomplished through cleanses/teas/creams. If you’re looking to get your diet back on track, I highly recommend this professional athletes approach!!!