Motivation vs Commitment

Motivation VS commitment.jpg

Have you ever felt like something is wrong because you’re no longer feeling that motivated towards your goal. Like when you first decided to get healthy, you were all jazzed up about it and then 6 months goes by and now you feel bored and blah. What went wrong? The answer my friend is NOTHING! 

Motivation = the general willingness or desire of someone to do something

Commitment = the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.

They sound pretty similar correct? Let’s take a closer look.

Motivation is a state of feeling. Which can be very effective, but can also change and vary depending on the day/situation. You could have high motivation one day and low motivation the next. High motivation can influence your behavior in a beneficial direction. However, the lack of it can easily be used as an excuse as to why you didn’t do something because.. you weren’t feeling motivated. So when things get tough or you don’t want to make the necessary sacrifice… well you can blame it on a lack of motivation.

Commitment on the other hand is a contract, to be followed everyday, no matter what. There are rules and standards. It is an obligation. It does not waver based on your feelings on any particular day.

What things are you committed to? You are committed to your job, your marriage, your children, etc. You take responsibility for these commitments and the effort you put into keeping them. You even make sacrifices to keep them.. with your time, your finances, etc. You make these commitments your priority because they are that important. You wouldn’t stop being a parent one day just because you didn’t “feel” like it. Just like you wouldn’t stop going to work and doing your job because you weren’t jazzed up that particular day. 

If you are constantly looking for that “feeling” to push you to keep going to accomplish your goal.. guess what.. you inevitably fail. Because no one stays motivated 24/7. Life throws a constant and varying array of BS in the way of every person’s pursuit of a goal. Things that slow you down, frustrate you, deflate you, and leave you feeling unmotivated. The ONLY way you will push through those times of struggle is through COMMITMENT. By making a contract with yourself, taking responsibility for your effort and actions, and for making the necessary sacrifices along the way.

Don’t get me wrong motivation can be extremely beneficial. It can help us go the extra mile, start something new, add joy to the process. But commitment is NECESSARY. You have to be committed to your goal in order to achieve it.

So now let me ask you… are you motivated or are you COMMITTED to your goal?