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By Coach Sarah

What Does Your Hydration Look Like? The importance of staying hydrated during your workout and throughout the day 

During these hot summer months, H2O should be your best friend. Here’s why!

1.     Water promotes cardiovascular health 

Dehydration causes your blood volumes to lower which makes your heart work harder to get enough oxygen to all of your cells. This makes everyday activities like walking from your car into your work, walking up a flight of stairs, and even a workout at Reviver more difficult. 

2.     Water keeps you cool 

You are constantly releasing heat due to your blood vessels expanding close to the skin’s surface (if you’ve ever worked out with me and see my bright pink face, this is what I’m talking about here!). This results in greater blood flow and more heat to leave your body. When you’re dehydrated you run at a higher temperature which causes blood vessels to widen so you stay hotter for a longer period of time. 

3.     Water helps your muscles and joints work better 

When hydrated appropriately, the water in your body and outside of the cells provides nutrients and removes waste more efficiently so you not only feel better, but also perform better. 

4.     Water helps cleanse you – inside and out! 

Keeping water moving throughout your body helps all parts of you. Your kidneys need water to filter waste from the blood and to excrete it in urine. Staying hydrated helps prevent urinary tract infections, kidney stones, lightheadedness, and overall you feel better! 

Personally, I feel better when I drink water throughout my workout and throughout my day. Additionally, I have started to add in a scoop or tablet of electrolytes. Electrolytes help your muscles contract, control your fluids, and regulate your blood pressure. On really hot days, when I have electrolytes in my water, I’ve noticed that I don’t fatigue as quickly and I’m less likely to feel sick after a sweaty workout. 

There is a variety of electrolyte supplements available and most of them taste refreshing without affecting your nutrition in a negative way! Give it a shot and let me know if you notice a difference! 

If you are curious to figure out if you are staying hydrated enough reach out to a coach.

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