5 Fun Fall Fitness Tips

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By: Coach Sarah

Fall is nearly here which means pumpkin patches, hayrides, apple picking, yummy treats … the list goes on! Here are 5 helpful tips to keep your fitness and health top of mind while appreciating all the perks of my favorite season!

1.     Take advantage of the weather 

Enjoy this time with the cooler air and less allergies! Choose activities that you enjoy doing even if it is outside of the gym – go for a walk on the paint creek trail, a bike ride, or even head out to a park and create your own body weight movement workout. 


2.     Start building habits now to get you through the holidays to come 

Take the opportunity to set two or three goals for yourself; write them down and make them visible! Throw a sticky note on your fridge, mirror, or even at your desk at work. Seeing your goal(s) helps reinforce WHY you’re doing what you’re doing when it gets hard. Need help coming up with SMART goals? Set-up a meeting with a coach - that is why we are here! 


3.     Enjoy the farmers market finds 

The local farmers market is going to have the best, freshest, and in-season produce. Stop by and pick up some tasty finds to grill up with your friends and family! But don’t forget to Treat Yo Self! A treat now and again will let your body indulge in it’s cravings and then put you back on track so that there is no binging. 

4.     Participate in community events 

The community always puts on events especially this time of year. Check out what you can do to get out of the house, get moving, and enjoy the crisp air! Rochester Community Events Calendar

**Don’t forget about the Crossfit Reviver Family Appreciation Day!**

5.     Be prepared for the darkness 

This is the time of year when the days start to get shorter so the sun isn’t out as long. This can lead to seasonal affective disorder. Be mindful of this and take the appropriate steps to help yourself in this hectic time of life. 

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