By: Coach Sarah


If you have ever watched Rich Froning or Mat Fraser workout, you might notice that while the rest of the athletes are hunched over, gasping for air, these two seem to be okay with a couple of deep breaths. This is because they have not needed to go harder than 80% effort on their workouts, and when they need an extra push, they have the additional 20% in the tank ready to go.

I tried this 80/20 theory out over the past couple of weeks… How would I feel and how would I perform if I attempted to give 80% effort in my workouts instead of pushing the 100% red line each time?

So, what exactly is the 80% effort and how does one execute it? To me it is training at 80% of your max effort. This means that you can breathe steadily while continuing to move at a pace you have set from beginning to end.

To be honest, when Vince first challenged me with this, I was skeptical. How was I going to get a good workout in without leaving the gym still trying to catch my breath an hour later? Throughout this challenge process change, I was able to dig deeper during the entire workout instead of in bursts, my heart rate stayed up more consistently, and I found that I was leaving the gym, still a sweaty mess, but more composed and ready for the rest of my day.

I think this ‘rule’ also helps tie back to Basics First. When you are focusing on your breathing and effort, you end up also focusing on your movement, which holds you accountable to the standards that we as coaches recommend and outline for you!

Want to try it out? I highly recommend giving it a go! I have made this my new norm and challenge you to try this… even for one week! Assess how you feel before, during, and after the workout. Also, assess how this affects your energy levels the rest of the day/week. Want to chat about your findings?! Hit me up! I am always down for a chat :)

Keep crushing it my friends,

Coach Sarah