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REST: it's part of the program

By: Coach Sarah


When is your body telling you to take a rest day?

I feel I’m pretty in touch with my body and the queues of when to sit one out. Here are the top three reasons why I take a rest day: 

1.    Soreness: I’m all for working out and feeling the soreness of yesterday, today. However, if you’re SO SORE that you can barely walk, sit, stand, etc. a rest day might be exactly what your body needs.

2.    Stress/Exhaustion: If you’re stressed from work, school, kids, life, etc. sometimes a good workout is exactly what you need to help bounce back. But, if you’re stressed to the point of exhaustion, a cup of tea, hot bath, good book might just do the trick!

3.    Reap the benefits of your work: Letting your body rest for a day helps your muscles reap the benefits of the hard work you’ve put in at the gym. 

Twice a week, I try to take planned rest days (Thursdays and Sundays). However, depending on how I’m feeling, I sometimes need to switch those out to be different days throughout the week and that’s okay! Your body needs time to repair itself. If you’re not taking the appropriate amount of time for that to happen, the stress hormones your body produces elevate which leads to your body holding onto weight that you’re trying to burn off. 

Overall, rest days are just as important as days you put in the work! Try taking a day, or two, to rest and see how much better you feel. Do you sleep better, eat better, are your stress levels lower? Let’s chat about your results, thoughts, feelings on the topic! 


Coach Sarah

At Home or Travel Workouts

By: Coach J

Travel Workouts.png

Let’s face it, sometimes getting to the gym is not going to happen. You get stuck at work, you wake up late, the kids have a hundred after school events going on, or you go on vacation. The list goes on and on.

The problem isn’t that you can’t get to the gym during the day, the problem is when you let what you can’t do interfere with what you can do. Here’s the deal, you don’t have to go to the gym for an hour in order to get a workout in. You can easily do something at home or in the hotel room for 5-30mins. It’s OKAY if it’s not the best workout of your life, the goal is to do SOMETHING.

With that said, here you will find a go-to Warm-up and Cool-down, along with ten workouts you can easily do at home or in a hotel with ZERO equipment. Each movement has a link to an instructional Youtube video. I hope this helps you out on the days you cannot make it to Reviver or when you’re on a trip.

Warm Up:

3 Inch Worms
4 Spiderman + Reach / side
5 Birddogs / side
:60 Jumping Jacks
x 2 rounds

Walk x 3-5:00
Samson Stretch x :90 / side

Workout 1

EMOM x 20:00 (do :30 - :40 of work during each minute)

M1 - Squats
M2 - Russian Twists
M3 - Push Ups - hold the top for :02 each rep
M4 - Prone Snow Angel - :02 up, :02 down

Workout 2

8:00 Cycle (continuous movement)

12 Lunges
24 FLR Knees to Elbows
12 Glute Bridges

-rest 2-4:00 - 

8:00 Cycle (continuous movement)

12 Birddogs
6 Burpees
12 Sit Ups

Workout 3

Every 3:00 x 5 sets (15:00 of work)

20 Step Ups - use a bench or stair
:30 Boat Pose
:30 Wall Sit
With time remaining in the 3:00, do Jumping Jacks or Run in place

Workout 4

Complete 8 Rounds: (16:00)

:20 Forearm Plank
:10 Rest
:20 Push Ups
:10 Rest
:20 Squats
:10 Rest
:20 Lunges
:10 Rest

Workout 5

20:00 Cycle

20 Step Ups - use Bench or Stair
:30 FLR
20 Sit Ups
:30 Wall Sit
20 Jumping Jacks

Workout 6

Complete 10-15 sets:

Run x 1:00, Walk x :30

Workout 7

EMOM x 20:00 (do :30 - :40 of work during each minute)

M1 - Alternating Cossack Squats
M2 - Boat Pose
M3 - Burpees
M4 - Walk or rest

Workout 8

Complete 4-5 sets

1:00 Run (:30 down + :30 back)
20 Squats
15 Push Ups
Rest / Walk x 1:30

Workout 9

4-5 ‘Cycles’ - rest 1:00 b/w cycles:

4:00 Cycle
5 Burpees
10 Lunges
15 Waiter’s Bows
:20 Side Plank / side

Workout 10

Complete 5 Rounds:

:30 Boat Pose
:30 Rest
:30 Reverse Lunges
:30 Rest
:30 Shoulder Taps
:30 Rest
:30 Invisible Jump Ropes
:30 Rest

Get Your Summer Body

By: Coach Vince

Copy of ONE Thing.png

Summer is ONLY 57 days away. Here are 3 quick TIPS that will get you looking your best when you’re sitting pool side this summer.

1. Track your food


Record everything you eat. Writing things down will help you become more aware of what you’re eating. When you’re aware of what you’re eating, you typically make better choices. Take it a step further by sharing your food log with someone else. Having to show someone will make you think twice about the quantity or choices of foods you’re consuming.


Track how many meals you have a high source of protein and a serving of vegetables. Eating protein at each meal will help build muscle and leave you feeling fuller longer. Adding in the veggies will provide you with vital vitamins and minerals that will work wonders for your body and are low calorie to help keep the weight off. The more meals that look like protein and veggies, the better that swim suit will fit.

2. Drink plenty of water


Make water a priority 3x a day. Start your day with a glass, Mid-day, and Evening. I cannot begin to describe all the benefits of drinking water. Use these check points each day if you’re someone who struggles to get in enough water each day. Looking for around half your body weight in ounces daily.


Eliminate any other liquid other than water for the next 57 days. Of course, keep your coffee assuming you like it black! One of the best nutrition advices I can give is to not drink your calories. If possible, avoid soda and juices. You end up getting a lot of calories and minimal satiety. Eliminating calories form liquids is an easy way to help keep those calories under control.

3. Plan your meals


Start each day by planning out what you’re going to have for each of your main meals. Planning your meals in advance will help you make better choices throughout the day. Starting off, try planning to have protein and veggies with at least one meal a day.


Start each week by taking one day to plan out your meals for the entire week. This will help you better understand what your grocery list will need to look like. Plan on having 90% of your meals based around protein and veggies. Eating 90% of your meals based around protein and veggies will almost guarantee you’re consuming a sufficient number of calories to get you looking pool side ready!


4. Love yourself


Take minimum 1 minute each day to celebrate what this body has done for you and will do for you if you treat it right! It may not be perfect and may never be perfect but it’s what you’ve got, you might as well make the best of it!!!

57 days is plenty of time to build a great looking summer body for 2019 but you need to get started TODAY!!! Do this for the next 57 days and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

As always if there’s anything I can do to help, please reach out!

ONE Thing

By: Coach Paul

ONE Thing.png

We have been reading the book The ONE Thing this month as coaches, which has oddly enough fell into how I have been approaching my full time position here. It is easy to get caught up in doing so many things from coaching class, to personal training and looking forward to the next day. 

As coaches we are here for your success, to be a resource you can ask questions to and seek advice from. Advice I give is from experience I have or from other people I have worked with if it is for something I have no personal experience with. My preferred method is also K.I.S. – Keep It Simple. 

So instead of trying to give endless strategies, I try to give a few options for people when I offer advice. This allows them to choose what fits to their own situation and personality, but it is always followed with one question:

What is the one thing you can do today that will set you up for success tomorrow?

By answering that question, they can take the endless list of To-Dos they had begun to create and narrow it down to the smallest domino that will have the greatest impact. A few keys to keep in mind though.

·      CAN DO

o  There is a means to accomplish this task and not a SHOULD or COULD DO

·      TODAY

o  No putting it off until tomorrow or next week. What do you have the time and energy for today?


o  It doesn’t just lend itself to relieving temporary stress, but will create building success.

Whenever members or clients come to me frustrated or overwhelmed, this is my go to question. It cuts down the gray cloud lingering over them by directing their attention to what immediate action they can take and aims their energy toward productivity.

Try it out. At the beginning of each day and at the end of each day ask yourself:

What is the one thing I can do today that will set me up for success tomorrow?

After a week let me know how the results end up. I would love to hear how it impacts your life. It has given me simple purpose for a while now.


By: Coach Sarah


If you have ever watched Rich Froning or Mat Fraser workout, you might notice that while the rest of the athletes are hunched over, gasping for air, these two seem to be okay with a couple of deep breaths. This is because they have not needed to go harder than 80% effort on their workouts, and when they need an extra push, they have the additional 20% in the tank ready to go.

I tried this 80/20 theory out over the past couple of weeks… How would I feel and how would I perform if I attempted to give 80% effort in my workouts instead of pushing the 100% red line each time?

So, what exactly is the 80% effort and how does one execute it? To me it is training at 80% of your max effort. This means that you can breathe steadily while continuing to move at a pace you have set from beginning to end.

To be honest, when Vince first challenged me with this, I was skeptical. How was I going to get a good workout in without leaving the gym still trying to catch my breath an hour later? Throughout this challenge process change, I was able to dig deeper during the entire workout instead of in bursts, my heart rate stayed up more consistently, and I found that I was leaving the gym, still a sweaty mess, but more composed and ready for the rest of my day.

I think this ‘rule’ also helps tie back to Basics First. When you are focusing on your breathing and effort, you end up also focusing on your movement, which holds you accountable to the standards that we as coaches recommend and outline for you!

Want to try it out? I highly recommend giving it a go! I have made this my new norm and challenge you to try this… even for one week! Assess how you feel before, during, and after the workout. Also, assess how this affects your energy levels the rest of the day/week. Want to chat about your findings?! Hit me up! I am always down for a chat :)

Keep crushing it my friends,

Coach Sarah

Here's Challenge For You

By: Coach Vince

Most of us at the gym are on our own unique journeys in our lives. Where we’re going, what we want, and what’s next is different for each of us. One of the major commonalities that we all share is, however, the amount of time in a day. We all get 24 hours. For me, I like to think of the 24 hours in three 8 hour chunks.  The math doesn’t always work out perfect for everyone, so you might need to make adjustments. I have a feeling my schedule is in for a major adjustment hahaha! No matter the math, these are the three very common themes of each of our days.

8 hours of sleep

8 hours of work 

8 hours of me time

Now that we’ve kept the math simple on the time, let’s keep it simple on the purpose of each of these themes. The purpose of sleep is to recover from the day. Recovering from the day improves your health. The purpose of work is to get fulfillment or worse case, make enough money for you to experience fulfillment in other areas. Having fulfillment from your work improves your health. Me time’s purpose is to revive(r) yourself through activities with others or yourself that are relaxing/playful/enjoying. See what I did there with the revive, it’s like Reviver. We hope every time you come to the gym you feel revived! Reviving yourself is incredibly important to…you guessed it, your health.  Health encompasses the whole day!

My challenge is, what can you do this month to improve your health?

My goal is to add 10 minutes of prayer/quiet time in the middle of the day, each day. 

As always I would love to hear what you’re challenging yourself with! Please send me an email or stop me at the gym and let me know what you’re challenging yourself with to improve your health.

Coach Baby T

Hi Revivers!

Coach Baby Terbrack here to say HELLO! I’m so excited to meet you all VERY SOON! 

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you’ve done for my mom and dad the past 9 months. Your support and advice has been beyond appreciated. They have learned so much already from those of you who have families of your own. From friendly words of advice (or warnings!) to the example you set when you bring your own kids into the gym. You have all had a great impact on them. They now feel prepared and excited to step into this new chapter of life called “parenthood” and all the blessings/challenges it will surely involve. They are comforted to know that I will grow up surrounded by health focused, hard working, good hearted people. 

I’m anticipated to arrive in Michigan next Friday, March 8th. But we all know how schedules can change, so there is a slight chance I could arrive early or late (hopefully not too late for mom’s sake).

I cant wait to meet all of you and thank you in person for all you have done for my parents. Mom and I are going to spend some time together 1-on-1 (she’s needy like that) and I know she will miss you all dearly. She feels extremely blessed to be able to take time off but is also eager to get back to all of you.

If my mom doesn’t get a chance to see you before I arrive, she wanted to make sure I thanked you for your kindness and generosity during her pregnancy and that she hopes you have a wonderful March/April. 

Your soon-to-be newest Reviver,

Coach Baby T

Pieces. Patterns. Movements.

By: Coach Paul

I wanted to share a little insight today about how the gears turn inside my head when a member asks me to coach them through a particular movement. There is a process I always follow, whether sometimes it is very fast in my head or it occasionally takes a little more time and analysis. Here is how the fun works!

  1. Perform: A member will first be asked to perform the movement to the best of their current ability.

This gives us a starting point to work together from. I have now seen a quick overview of their coordination and understanding of a movement. It develops initial points of performance I want to work on with that person based on their first glance needs

  1. Guided Movement: With my help and watchful eyes, I will make a quick attempt to guide a person through the entire movement.

Now I have gone below the surface to uncover more limiting factors in the movement. These could be:

  • Mobility - too much or too little range of motion

  • Strength - a particular area isn’t strong enough to perform the movement

  • Coordination - struggling to move their own body how they envision or not knowing the areas that should be acting to perform the movement

With that information I move into the most important part.

  1. The Breakdown

Every movement we do has more than just one area to focus on. Even something as simple as a bicep curl, which primarily is just elbow flexion/extension based, has to have focus on the shoulder area being kept in good position and a stable core.

I work through identifying the most basic pieces in the movement and then make my selection based on what is the most pressing issue.

  • Safety is of utmost concern, so if a fault increases risk for injury – that is first to be coached. 

  • Easiest thing to fix then is second highest priority. Fix what is easy to fix and often enough, other parts begin to fix themselves.

  • Details come last and are the fine tuning of movement. These are fun because based on the movement, person and the fixes we have already made – they keep changing!

The breakdown is ever evolving and follows the Pieces, Patterns, Movements mantra I have. Once I have helped break down the movement into a piece for someone to focus on, we work together to master just that ONE piece. Upon mastery of that piece, we have a new habit that requires very little focus from them, so we work on another piece. When multiple pieces are mastered, it allows us to then build upon that piece into a pattern We add pieces into patterns and can even put multiple patterns together which is when the compounding effect begins to grow. Finally, patterns build upon each other in order to create the WHOLE movement. 

This is how my brain works when I am analyzing movements – from as simple as a bicep curl to our very crucial squat or bending patterns. It is a never ending cycle that allows for continued growth in exercise and life! No matter if someone is brand new to physical activity or a professional level athlete. 

So if you ever wonder when you ask me to coach you on a movement, it feels that I avoid the movement and have you do something that is just a small piece…you can wonder no more. I want to build the foundation that gives you longevity.


Did you all have a nice valentine’s day? Spend it with someone you love? Do something nice for that special person? Great! Now let me ask you this, did you do something nice for yourself? My guess is most of you will answer no to that question. However, I think it is imperative to love on yourself.

The show ‘Parks and Rec’ says it best ‘TREAT YO SELF’. 

In the clip, ‘treat yo self’ means to splurge and buy absurd amounts of clothes, shoes, games, etc. However, in my opinion, ‘treat yo self’ really means to make sure that you do something nice for yourself occasionally and to make sure that you’re practicing self-love and care. 

Psychology Today recently provided the top ten ways to practice self- care. (Full Article:

Each of these may seem challenging in different ways. Therefore, I challenge you to pick one or two of the 10 and begin to practice them. You may be thinking, “Sarah, you’re crazy, I don’t have time for this”. Oh, but you do! Think about the drive to and from work or the gym, what are you typically doing… planning the rest of the day, listening to the radio, practicing a bit of road rage (guilty)? Try to sub those actions out for one or two proposed in the article such as finding a way to decompress or taking time to get to know you better. 

I truly believe that if we’re able to love ourselves, we’re able to make a deeper impact on relationships with others. When you hold yourself in high esteem, you tend to have more enjoyment and a more positive attitude and outlook on your life. 

“You, yourself, as much as anybody else in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha 

 Love you all (and myself),