Output > Input

By: Coach Paul

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Here is a unique thought, see how it resonates with you:

My output today is my input toward tomorrow. And sometimes, that means holding back.

Before I apply this to life, let me explain.

The energy I have today drives what I do that day, or what I don’t do. Just like a battery in your smartphone, we have a limited supply of energy. As we utilize what is stored within us (often expressed in the form of what we call motivation) that percentage slowly begins to drop. 

We have a couple options when it comes to replenishing our battery. Wait until the end of the day and attempt to replace all of what we have lost. Or we can take small breaks during the day to recharge little pieces of what we expend. Either way, we have to make note at the end of the day to see where our percentage is at.

If at the end of the day we sit below a certain threshold, like hitting 20% on your phone and it alerts you, we are going to need longer, more deliberate recovery. If we only hit 50% battery, much easier to recover from and hit 100%. Just as your phone takes a longer time to recharge from 0-10% compare to being at 60-70% life.

Which brings me back to the thought of “My output today is my input toward tomorrow. And sometimes, that means holding back”. The holding back is where people may get hung up.

If I expend all my energy today and have limited time to recover ( a Monday night compare to a Friday night) then the input for my next day is not one that drives success. Holding back simply means prioritizing around what your definition of success is.

  • What tasks do I need to get done today?

    • Which are the top 1-3 that MUST be done and will have the greatest impact on my TOMORROW?

  • What tasks can be set aside for tomorrow?

    • Leave those for the next day then and reserves the energy for that day.

This is also how I approach the gym time I have. I get 1 hour, 60 minutes is my limit for the day. I have lots to do and I know you all do as well. So when coming in, give the effort that is appropriate for that day.

  • How is my energy level today?

    • Did I eat the right fuel? Is my sleep adequate to support a harder effort?

  • Do I plan to come again tomorrow?

    • How will today’s workout affect me tomorrow?

  • What is my level of stress outside of the gym?

    • Should I keep the effort lighter to leave me energy for other things?

This is why we keep in the moment as we coach class. The effort you give today isn’t just about trying to take down a wall, because then you will be wrecked and unable to perform the clean up of the materials the following day.

Some days it is not just ok, but likely required, to ease off the gas and conserve. 

Put on cruise control.

Enjoy the ride and take in the views.