REST: it's part of the program

By: Coach Sarah


When is your body telling you to take a rest day?

I feel I’m pretty in touch with my body and the queues of when to sit one out. Here are the top three reasons why I take a rest day: 

1.    Soreness: I’m all for working out and feeling the soreness of yesterday, today. However, if you’re SO SORE that you can barely walk, sit, stand, etc. a rest day might be exactly what your body needs.

2.    Stress/Exhaustion: If you’re stressed from work, school, kids, life, etc. sometimes a good workout is exactly what you need to help bounce back. But, if you’re stressed to the point of exhaustion, a cup of tea, hot bath, good book might just do the trick!

3.    Reap the benefits of your work: Letting your body rest for a day helps your muscles reap the benefits of the hard work you’ve put in at the gym. 

Twice a week, I try to take planned rest days (Thursdays and Sundays). However, depending on how I’m feeling, I sometimes need to switch those out to be different days throughout the week and that’s okay! Your body needs time to repair itself. If you’re not taking the appropriate amount of time for that to happen, the stress hormones your body produces elevate which leads to your body holding onto weight that you’re trying to burn off. 

Overall, rest days are just as important as days you put in the work! Try taking a day, or two, to rest and see how much better you feel. Do you sleep better, eat better, are your stress levels lower? Let’s chat about your results, thoughts, feelings on the topic! 


Coach Sarah