Get Your Summer Body

By: Coach Vince

Copy of ONE Thing.png

Summer is ONLY 57 days away. Here are 3 quick TIPS that will get you looking your best when you’re sitting pool side this summer.

1. Track your food


Record everything you eat. Writing things down will help you become more aware of what you’re eating. When you’re aware of what you’re eating, you typically make better choices. Take it a step further by sharing your food log with someone else. Having to show someone will make you think twice about the quantity or choices of foods you’re consuming.


Track how many meals you have a high source of protein and a serving of vegetables. Eating protein at each meal will help build muscle and leave you feeling fuller longer. Adding in the veggies will provide you with vital vitamins and minerals that will work wonders for your body and are low calorie to help keep the weight off. The more meals that look like protein and veggies, the better that swim suit will fit.

2. Drink plenty of water


Make water a priority 3x a day. Start your day with a glass, Mid-day, and Evening. I cannot begin to describe all the benefits of drinking water. Use these check points each day if you’re someone who struggles to get in enough water each day. Looking for around half your body weight in ounces daily.


Eliminate any other liquid other than water for the next 57 days. Of course, keep your coffee assuming you like it black! One of the best nutrition advices I can give is to not drink your calories. If possible, avoid soda and juices. You end up getting a lot of calories and minimal satiety. Eliminating calories form liquids is an easy way to help keep those calories under control.

3. Plan your meals


Start each day by planning out what you’re going to have for each of your main meals. Planning your meals in advance will help you make better choices throughout the day. Starting off, try planning to have protein and veggies with at least one meal a day.


Start each week by taking one day to plan out your meals for the entire week. This will help you better understand what your grocery list will need to look like. Plan on having 90% of your meals based around protein and veggies. Eating 90% of your meals based around protein and veggies will almost guarantee you’re consuming a sufficient number of calories to get you looking pool side ready!


4. Love yourself


Take minimum 1 minute each day to celebrate what this body has done for you and will do for you if you treat it right! It may not be perfect and may never be perfect but it’s what you’ve got, you might as well make the best of it!!!

57 days is plenty of time to build a great looking summer body for 2019 but you need to get started TODAY!!! Do this for the next 57 days and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

As always if there’s anything I can do to help, please reach out!