The BIG 3

By: Coach Vince

The BIG 3-4.png

The Big 3: Fear, Complexity, Inconvenience

We all want to be happy and become the best versions of ourselves but the big 3 are the major culprits that stop us in our tracks. Obviously, these are very big topics and mean different things to each of us depending on our circumstances.  The thought around the Big 3 came to me one day when I was asking the question to myself “why do we make decisions that we know aren’t the best for us?” It was the pursuit of trying to answer this question that led me to believe that the reason we make decisions that we know aren’t the best for us is because of either Fear, Complexity, or Inconvenience. 

Here’s 3 quick tips and examples on overcoming Fear, Complexity, and Inconvenience

Fear.It gets most of its power from dwelling on the unknown.  A lot of our life is lived unknown and some people thrive and others are paralyzed by the very same thought.  What has helped me deal with the fears in my life is thinking about fear as a sports field. A sports field has in bounds and out of bounds. The game is played while the ball is in bounds and the game is paused when it goes out of bounds. Whatever fear you’re dealing with I challenge you to think about “what are the things that would keep the ball inbounds?” (aka keep me moving forward, instead of paralyzed by my thoughts).

Example: I fear I’ll never loss the weight I want to. Things that would keep the ball inbounds would be…drinking plenty of water throughout the day, eating adequate amounts of veggies and fruits daily, and reminding myself that I’m amazing no matter what my weight is.

Complexity.Most things in life aren’t very clear black and white. We live in this grey zone that leaves a lot of questions and possible options on getting what we want. What has helped me deal with complexity life has to offer is…make it simple. I don’t make it simple because its always simple but making it simple allows me to take action. Taking action helps me better understand if I’m heading in the right direction or not.  Whatever complexity you’re dealing with I challenge you to try and make it simple.

Example. It’s too hard to know what diet would be best for me to lose weight. The simple version would be continue eating what you normally eat on a daily basis but just cut one of the meals in half.  If that didn’t work after a week, then cut two meals in half. It’s not the answer for everyone but it is simple. 

Inconvenience.When things get tough in life, we tend to do the things that take the least amount of effort. Most of us have stressful jobs and it’s very common when the big deadline comes up to make other areas of our lives as easy as possible. Food is typically the thing that we want to make easy when dealing with high stress. That’s where fast food, high sugary treats, and over eating come into play at a high level. What has helped me with inconvenience is keeping healthy foods around that are convenient.  I challenge you to find foods that you consider healthy and make them convenient. 

Example. My job requires me to work long hours and its hard to eat healthy. At work, in your car, or at home keep things available like beef jerky, nuts (almonds, cashews, walnuts, pistachio, macadamia, pecans, etc.), protein powder, protein bar, greens powder, etc. When you’re dealing with high stress you won’t necessarily want these foods but they will be available so at least you have the option to eat healthy, even if you’re high stressed. 

The question of “why do we do things that we know aren’t the best for us” is obviously a very big question. I’m not claiming this is the answer, what I’m saying is this is the answer for me. I can easily look back on my life and decisions I have made and relate it back to one of the big 3. Better understanding why, I made that decision helps me make better decisions in the future. If you can relate to this at all or it has helped you make better sense of things, please share your thoughts with me.