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Let's Talk Progress

By: Coach Sarah

Let’s talk progress. I define progress as forward or onward movement towards an end goal. This doesn’t always mean that things happen quickly, but it does mean that things are happening! 

My fitness journey started 7 years ago while I was a sophomore on Oakland University’s campus. I had met my now husband at the student center. He invited me to attend a class at a gym he was going to while he was attempting to start up the fitness club on campus. At the time, I could not do a sit up, push up, burpee… I could barely touch my toes. 

Prior to that night, I had never really worked out. I had occasionally gone for a walk and had participated in cheerleading in high school but outside of that I was not physically active. Additionally, I did not really know what it meant to eat healthy or fuel my body appropriately. Overall, that night kicked off a fire of motivation in me that changed my life. There were definitely ups and downs along the way. Things always seemed hard and then gradually, change started to happen. Progress takes time. Slow and consistent alterations lead to better habits and lifestyles changes. 

As a coach, I’ve often heard that ‘I want to be as strong as you’ or ‘I want to be able to do that like you’. While these are super flattering compliments, I want you all to remember that this is not how I’ve always been and that I’m not done with my progress either. We’re all on a journey to becoming the best version of ourselves. If/When you start to doubt yourself or second guess the progress you’ve made, reach out to a friend or gym buddy. Ask them to not only hold you accountable, but to also remind you of where you started and how far you’ve come. At the end of the day, we’re all in this together and here to support one another. 

Onward and upward my friends! Keep crushing it! 

Why I Don't Like Soreness
Why I don't like soreness.png

By: Coach Paul

It has always been seen as a badge of honor to be sore. That was a marker that you had worked hard, earned any reward for your workout, or established the quality of a workout. 

However, if I am sore - I know a few things will happen:

1.    It will take me longer to warm up properly to perform at even just an adequate level. 

2.    My movement changes to avoid the discomfort my soreness brings.

3.    I will lower my output for the day because my muscles are not recovered and therefore cannot perform at their best.

4.    This also means the stimulus of my workout changes because my muscles need to recover and not be worn down more. 

Soreness to the level of waking up and simply noticing sensation may be ok but to move joints and feel aches in muscles is not something to strive for. 

Instead the goal is to work hard for the day and know the work I did was quality work aimed at a specific outcome. Then the next day to keep feeling good so I can do that same thing again. Rinse and repeat each day I train or go perform a physical task each week, and all the weeks following.  

Keep in mind that soreness is muscles broken down. They then need to recover, not be pushed harder into a state of further damage. Your body will thank you and reward you for listening. 


Is That The Right Weight?
Coaches Corner- Is that the right weight?.png

By: Coach J

If you’ve ever had me as your coach in class, you’ve probably heard me ask you, “is that the right weight?” Or maybe, “how does that feel?” These are questions I like to ask to gain a better understanding of what’s going on with YOU and to help maximize your session. Let me explain what I mean by these questions and what their intentions are.

“Is that the right weight?”
During most weight lifting sessions we want you to feel like you’re working at a 7-8 out of 10. That means we want it to be as challenging as possible without sacrificing mechanics or inducing pain.

As you approach a 9 or 10 on the same scale you would start to see form breaking down and potentially causing pain or unnecessary damage. On the flip side, if you’re below 7 on the scale, you may have perfect form but will not be providing enough resistance to cause any adaptation (strength gain / muscle growth).

One thing to keep in mind is that sometimes you won’t know if it’s the ‘right weight’ until after a couple sets or even the entire workout. That is why it helps to record your weights / workouts so you can better choose your weights in the future.

So, how do you know it’s the ‘right weight’? When I (or any coach) asks you that question during your session, think about the following:

Am I challenging myself? - If yes, stay there. It not, try heavier.

Do I have any pinching, burning, or abnormal pain while doing this? - If yes, tell your coach or lower the weight.

How is my form - if I went heavier would I still be able to do it properly? - If yes, try heavier. If not, stay there. If you don’t know, ask your coach.

“How does that feel?”

When I ask this question I often get a funny look 🤔 that implies, “uhhh, what do you mean, dude?” Which I completely understand. Some examples of answers that I’m looking for are:





Good, but I’m not sure I’m doing it right

Just the right amount of challenge


By asking this question and getting an answer like the ones above, it allows us to dive a little deeper to uncover possible ways to improve your movement or experience with the workout.

For example, you’re doing Deadlifts and I ask, “How does that feel?” You say, “it feels okay, but I’m not sure I’m doing it right.” I can reply by saying, “what specifically doesn’t feel right?” or, “what are you working on with the movement?” This type of discussion is what allows us to actually coach you rather than just give you encouragement or an ’atta-boy’.

You see, we are able to see movement faults while you’re training, but we can’t feel what you feel. There are often times where at first glance your movement looks good, but internally it doesn’t feel right - these are the times where you should speak up so we can offer help.

“What are you focusing on?”

This is another one I’ll ask so that I can better coach you. When you’re training, it’s best to focus on one thing at a time (especially when a movement is newer to you).

Often times I’ll ask, “what are you focusing on?” before I begin giving you things to correct. Imagine you’re doing Overhead Presses and focusing on keeping you belly tight and I say, “make sure you lock your arms out.” You’re immediately going to shift your focus from your belly to your arms.

But, if I came up to you between sets and ask, “what are you focusing on?” you could share that you’re working on keeping your belly tight. Now that I know that you have a focus I can hold off on giving you more to think about (unless you’re in danger of hurting yourself). I can also pay attention to your execution of your focus (engaging your abs) in order to help you improve it or give you recognition for a job well done.

Sometimes when I ask this, I’ll get a response like, “good form” or “mechanics.” While it’s reassuring to know that you’re focusing on ‘good form,’ it’s a very general thing that could be a bunch of stuff (belly tight, knees out, feet flat, back straight, etc). A good habit to form when lifting is to take a second prior to each set in order to pinpoint the ONE thing you’re going to focus on during your lift(s). If you’re not sure what to focus on, ask your coach and they’ll help you out!

5 Signs You Are Not Getting Enough Protein
Coaches corner- protein.png

5 Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Protein

Protein…..The king of Macros

How much is enough?

How do you know you’re getting enough?

Is there a such thing as too much?

Believe me… we could sit here all day and go through the many many questions there are regarding proper protein quantities. If you know me… and you’ve ever come up to me and asked: “how much protein should I be getting each day?”.. My answer was undoubtedly “It depends”.

Every BODY is different. Our daily activities, body composition, muscle mass, exercise effort, etc are all different. Which is why “its depends” is the answer to how much protein each of us should be having. To help me figure out if my client is having enough protein I like to start by asking if they having any of the following issues:

Here are 5 (there are more) signs you MAY not be getting enough protein:

  1. I’M SO SORE - if you are extremely sore, especially for an extended period of time (3-4 days post workout). Then it’s a common sign of not enough protein. You may not know this but exercise actually BREAKS THE MUSCLE DOWN. Protein is the building block for your muscles (as well as for all cells in your body). So in order to repair that broken down muscle so it can get stronger and bigger.. maybe try increasing your protein a bit.

  2. HAIR, SKIN, and NAILS… OH MY! - remember a couple lines ago when I said that protein is the building block for all cells in your body? If not go ahead and look back, I’ll wait…. Ok good. All my ladies in the room (and men who care about their skins appearance) I’m sure you’ve heard of COLLAGEN. Well this is a particular protein found in connective tissue (aka skin) and is needed to keep the skin elastic, clear, firm, etc. Same goes for your hair and nails, if you don’t have enough protein.. they become brittle and weak, splitting and cracking.

  3. CRAVINGS! - Have you ever heard the saying that if you hungry, drink a glass of water because you might just be thirsty. The body sometimes gets it wires crossed and thus it might send you signals that you’re hungry when really your dehydrated. A similar thing can happen when you are deficit of protein. The body might mislead you into thinking you really want that ice cream cone, or a donut, or the entire bag of kettle corn.. when really its low on the nutrients found in protein. So the next time you’ve got a crazy craving, try instead a glass of water a good source of protein and see how you feel after. :)

  4. THIS COLD IS LASTING FOREVER! - protein is a building block for antibodies. Those feisty little guys that fight off viruses and bacteria that are constantly trying to invade our precious bodies. If you feel like you are consistently coming down with something or not feeling well, it could be a sign of improper protein. **** always always consult a doctor when you are sick

  5. MOOD CHANGES - your brain is a super charged genius computer that is operated by chemicals called neurotransmitters. Guess what they are made of? PROTEINS! If you aren’t getting enough protein in your diet, you’re not supporting your brain with enough workers to keep it working at its best. This could in turn start to affect the levels or necessary hormones in the brain that help you function optimally (dopamine and serotonin). Which can result in you having brain fog, feeling down.. etc.

Now I want to make something very clear…. Especially with regards to #4 and #5.  Anytime you are sick, ill, depressed, or having any other kind of disease or mood related concern, you should ALWAYS consult your doctor. They are the medical professionals, we are fitness professionals. Our goal is to HELP you feel the very best you can (along side your doctor) by making sure you MOVE WELL (exercise) and FUEL WELL (eat healthy foods!). 

If you want to learn more about protein (like what foods are good sources, signs you’re getting too much, how to balance out your protein with other foods, etc) then please reach out to a coach so they can help you navigate.

Coaches CornerSammie Terbrack
Nutrition Plan For Dummies (you're not a dummy edition!)
Coaches corner- Nutrition.png

By: Coach Vince

Below are 5 categories of food: Protein, Carbs, Fruit, Veggies, Fat. 

Pick one item from each category to complete a meal. This would ensure a well-balanced diet of Macro and Micronutrients.

Most people would benefit from having a balanced Macronutrient menu. The 3 macronutrients are ProteinCarbs(fruits and veggies would be included in this list), and Fat. Every person would benefit from having adequate Micronutrients (aka vitamins and minerals). The most micronutrient dense foods are typically fruits and vegetables. The key here is variety with your fruits and veggies.

Simple way to think about your nutrients. 

Want to be strong…Protein

Want to have energy…Carbs

Want healthy hormones…Fats

Want to live long…vitamins and minerals

Because each of the nutrients play such a critical role in how you look, feel, and perform it’s important to include them all…daily!!!

The quantity of each category and the frequency of meals will be based on your goals 

I didn’t list every food known to man so feel free to add on.

Having every meal, you ever eat, might be hard to include each of the categories. That’s ok, start where you can.

You don’t have to weigh and measure your food but if you’re trying to lose weight, it might be helpful.

Most of these foods won’t taste like ice cream, it’s mostly because none of them are ice cream. Some of the foods on this list you’re not eating because they taste good but rather the benefits you get from their nutrients. Aka Ice cream isn’t very nutrient dense ;)

I kept this simple because simple usually means easy and if it’s easy, we’re more likely to do it.

Of course, if you need help coming up with your nutrition plan please don’t hesitate to reach out to a coach! 

1. Protein:




Chicken breast

Chicken thighs

Egg whites

Whole eggs









4. Fat:


Almond butter


Avocado oil

Brazil nuts



Coconut butter


Macadamia nuts



Pine nut







2. Carbs:

Acorn squash


Black bean pasta


Brown rice

White rice

Butternut squash









Spaghetti squash



High quality bread (dave’s killer bread thin sliced 21 whole grain and seeds, Ezekiel 4:9, The baker 9- grain)


5. Fruit:





Blue berries





















3. Veggies:




Bell peppers

Bok choy



Brussel sprouts





3. Veggies cont.


Green beans








Snow peas


Swiss chard




Coaches CornerSammie Terbrack
5 Fun Fall Fitness Tips
Coaches corner- FALL FITNESS.png

By: Coach Sarah

Fall is nearly here which means pumpkin patches, hayrides, apple picking, yummy treats … the list goes on! Here are 5 helpful tips to keep your fitness and health top of mind while appreciating all the perks of my favorite season!

1.     Take advantage of the weather 

Enjoy this time with the cooler air and less allergies! Choose activities that you enjoy doing even if it is outside of the gym – go for a walk on the paint creek trail, a bike ride, or even head out to a park and create your own body weight movement workout. 


2.     Start building habits now to get you through the holidays to come 

Take the opportunity to set two or three goals for yourself; write them down and make them visible! Throw a sticky note on your fridge, mirror, or even at your desk at work. Seeing your goal(s) helps reinforce WHY you’re doing what you’re doing when it gets hard. Need help coming up with SMART goals? Set-up a meeting with a coach - that is why we are here! 


3.     Enjoy the farmers market finds 

The local farmers market is going to have the best, freshest, and in-season produce. Stop by and pick up some tasty finds to grill up with your friends and family! But don’t forget to Treat Yo Self! A treat now and again will let your body indulge in it’s cravings and then put you back on track so that there is no binging. 

4.     Participate in community events 

The community always puts on events especially this time of year. Check out what you can do to get out of the house, get moving, and enjoy the crisp air! Rochester Community Events Calendar

**Don’t forget about the Crossfit Reviver Family Appreciation Day!**

5.     Be prepared for the darkness 

This is the time of year when the days start to get shorter so the sun isn’t out as long. This can lead to seasonal affective disorder. Be mindful of this and take the appropriate steps to help yourself in this hectic time of life. 

Coaches CornerSammie Terbrack
Let's talk N.E.A.T
Coaches corner- NEAT.png

By: Coach Paul

Lets talk about some NEAT things! NEAT is Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. This is all the energy expended during all other activities outside of sleeping, eating and sport/exercise. 

Daily movement counts as NEAT. As simple as getting up and out of your chair, unloading the car, walking around the grocery store. These calories account for a larger portion of daily needed calories compared to exercise. It is something that people often overlook during a weight loss journey or body re-composition, especially when they hit a wall.

The nice thing is, these NEAT things are very easy to add into your day. Don’t overthink it, simply try to move. There are lots of ways to add some in during your regular day to day life. Try parking a little further away from the entrance at the grocery store or shopping center. Walk a few extra yards into work, take the stairs instead of an elevator. 

They way to make NEAT more useful in your journey to shed pounds or feel better throughout the day is to make yourself accountable. With accountability you are much more likely to partake in NEAT activities. For me, the easiest form I get in each day is taking my dog for a walk. Even if it is 10-15 minutes long, the little things add up. 

Start with a little bit then keep trying to add up. Steps are really easy to use, smart phones can download apps that will count steps for you if you don’t have a wrist worn fitness tracker. Or you can just go based on time, keep track using a simple smartwatch app on your phone. Then as weeks go on, just add 5-10%.  See how you feel and how your energy or weight changes and adjust the amount as you feel. 

Keep things NEAT!

Short Term VS Long Term Goals
Short Term VS long term.png

The Best YOU Podcast With Coach J

In this episode I discuss the differences between Short Term and Long Term Goal Setting. Specifically, examples of both types of goals and how your action plans should differ depending on the type of goal. In other words, the way you attack a short term goal (losing 15lbs for wedding day) should be different than the way you attack a long term goal (losing 15lbs to become healthier and feel better FOREVER).

Coach=Sherpa CC.jpg

By: Coach Sammie

People come to us because they are missing one (or multiple) of the following:

  1. Knowledge

  2. Direction

  3. Confidence

  4. Commitment

  5. Support

Talking with one of my brilliant bosses the other day :)… he mentioned the analogy of a coach being like a Sherpa/guide. I loved that comparison because it makes total sense. 

Let’s say you want to climb a mountain. Most people don’t go out to the bottom of a mountain and just start climbing do they? No.. I mean you could, but you probably wouldn’t make it very far. There’s a pretty solid chance you would injure yourself because you don’t know what you are doing. And it’s highly likely you would turn around and give up. Enter Sherpa - someone who has the knowledge and training to help GUIDE you up the mountain safely and effectively. This is what a coach does for your fitness/health.. let me elaborate:

  1. Knowledge - Like the sherpa is there to educate you on all things mountain (how to climb safely, how to prepare, what equipment you need, what food/fuel you should bring, when to take breaks, how to best sleep on your journey up the mountain, etc) our job as your coach is to firstly educate you. We can teach you how to properly move your body safely and efficiently. We can teach you how to properly fuel yourself through nutrition. We even have awesome tips and tricks to help you with your recovery like sleep that will keep you moving onward and upward.

  2. Direction - have you ever met (or been) that person that says “I know what I should do, I just don’t do it”….. normally its followed up by some excuse of being busy or unmotivated. But after years of working with individuals like this, a lot of the time they are simply in need of DIRECTION. Figuring out where to start and how to execute a plan to success can feel super challenging and overwhelming when you’re stuck in it. Having someone to help you set up a plan and guide you step by step, can take a lot of pressure off of you and allow you to just DO. Just like the Sherpa who maps out a path and walks along side you up the mountain, a coach is there to light the way for you, so you can see clearly, and walk through to the finish.

  3. Confidence - climbing a mountain is no small feat. It’s scary. There are a lot of unknowns and fear of failure. Wanting to improve your health, lose a significant amount of weight, change your lifestyle…. Can be scary. ESPECIALLY when you’ve tried and failed in the past. You know what helps create confidence… small, everyday accomplishments. Simple, little “yes I can do this” moments that build upon each other. On your way up the mountain: your sherpa will tell you to “make it to the next ledge”. Just like your coach will be there, to make sure you are staying safe, too gently nudge you forward to trying something a little more challenging, to celebrate with you when you accomplish a small win! I can’t tell you how many people come up to me on a weekly basis completely elated because they performed a movement they haven’t in years or even for the first time ever (running, pull ups, double under, etc). Movements they would never have the confidence to try a short time ago. Or when a member says they were able to go out and be active with their family/friends finally because they felt confident in being able to keep up and have fun.

  4. Commitment - it takes commitment to climb a mountain. It’s super challenging, it takes sacrifice and determination. There are most likely times when you will want to turn around, call it quits, and give up. Anybody ever felt this way on their fitness journey? I see you nodding your head. This is TOTALLY NORMAL. When you lose motivation (as we all do from time to time) it doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong, or the path your on is the wrong one. It’s merely that when we are in the grind its very easy to get stuck focusing on the problems (waking up early to go exercise is hard, tracking my food is boring, meal prepping is time consuming, journaling my gratitude is a challenge on days I’m super stressed…) If you work with me, one of the first things I tell my clients is….motivation is a feeling, which means it comes and goes… but commitment is a contract. Your coach is there to help you stay committed. Yes we are there to motivate you too, but our focus is keeping you committed to your goal and help you push through the moments of struggle, because they are guaranteed to come.

  5. Support - Traveling up a mountain or along your path to a better life is ALWAYS better with someone by your side. To guide you along the way, help you up when you fall, treat your injuries, encourage you to keep going when you feel stuck, nudge you through setbacks, remind you to fuel and recover, and celebrate your progress forward. This is what we live for as your coaches. If you struggle in any (or all) of these areas, we want to help.

8 Highlights to Celebrate 8 Years
CC celebrate.jpg

By: Coach Vince

In no particular order…

1. We have a member that has lost 100#! This person was a former college athlete that throughout the years let their health take a back seat. Coming to the gym regularly was no problem, because they spent the majority of their life working out. This person’s aha moment came when they linked the consistency with the gym and nutrition together. It has sparked a whole new life for this person and it was incredible to be a part of their journey. The best part is, the weight is still off several years later!

2. 14…we’ve had 14 women go full term pregnancy with us!!!  Kinda crazy, right?!?! These females were incredibly motivating to be around. They were extremely smart about how they exercised but knew it was important to stay consistent with their exercise to grow a healthy baby!!!

3. We have had a handful of marriages come from the gym. Meaning the commonality in all these relationships was that these people had their first interactions with each other at Reviver. I really enjoy sharing this with people because I think it speaks to the relationship building that goes on at our gym. We’re serious about working out and being healthy but we’re even more serious about developing relationships with people and we’re glad to see the community is as well!!! 

4. We have a 95% + retention rate over the years! This means a lot to us, because you not only trust us with your health but you keep coming back for more!!! We take your health very seriously and you continuing to come back drives us every day to be better for you!!! We spend most months in the 97% range which is the gold standard for the fitness industry. For the members who have 2,3,4,5,6,7+ years with us…Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, you’re the best!!!

5. We have 4 full time coaches. This still boggles my mind. Thinking back on year one when Jeremy and I coached every class 7 days a week, this is such a dream come true. Hiring full time employees is a huge step for a small business and we’re super thankful for our staff that helps us live out our dream every day and hopefully theirs as well!!!

6. We have moved two times. Our first facility was a 1600sqft hallway (just on the other side of m-59).  We tried to make it as nice as possible but it was more on the dump side of things. We knew we had something special when our membership grew like crazy and we had more female members then male members. If we could get the females to look past the appearance and appreciate the coaching/workout/community that we were on to something good.  The next space was double the size and just across the parking lot from the first facility. We thought we were in a state of the art facility compared to the original place but in hindsight it just had a fresher coat of paint on it. That place served us well as our membership continued to grow. With classes over flowing in just a short amount of time, we knew it was time for another move asap. The building we are currently in, is our biggest building yet at 8400sqft. I still can’t believe this is our home. Having three bathrooms, a shower, multiple offices, plenty of gym space, and a stand-alone building to not have to worry about the neighbors is such an incredible blessing!

7. We have a member that has been with us since day 1 and has averaged 4 visits a week over the course of 8 straight years. That’s what I call…Consistent!!! That best part about this person is they were not a worker outer (yes I just made that word up) in their previous life.  Talk about a lifestyle change!!! They continue to rock it still to this day, with no end in sight!!!

8. Ok I might have fibbed a little bit about “no particular order.” This one is my favorite and I’m sorry it’s a little selfish. My favorite highlight over the past 8 years…is my relationship with Jeremy. We became great friends in college and that friendship grew throughout the years. He’s my best friend in the whole world and we continue to grow that relationship. What’s grown our friendship and our business over the years is our differences. We embrace them and use them to challenge each other in becoming the best versions of ourselves. Although owning a small business can be tough, I’m so grateful through the ups and downs that our relationship has continued to move onward and upward!!! Cheers to many more years to come!!!

Bonus highlight… I still can’t believe I get to work with my wife every day!!! Sharing the same passion and getting to fulfill it with each other every day is such a blessing. Watching her work other full time jobs and not be fulfilled was such a bummer. Once the gym gave her an opportunity to live out her passion, it has been awesome to watch her growth ever since! It’s crazy to think that the gym use to operate without her! 

To all of the members of Reviver, thank you! Thank you for trusting us. Thank you for letting us help you. Thank you for best 8 years of my life and hopefully many more to come!!!

I would love to hear some of your highlights. Whether you’ve been with us for a month or all 8 years, send me your favorites…