1. activation
a. 3x10/10 DB kick backs
b. 3x20 shoulder taps

2. strength
3x10 (5,7,9) decline DB bench press

3. cardio
EMOMx18 (:50/:10)
m1: SA hold
m2: step up
m3: bicycles


1. activation
a. 3x20 banded face pull
b. 3x20 shoulder taps

2. strength
a. 3x10/10 KB row rest :30
b. 3x10/10 LMP rest :30

3. strength
a. 3x10 BB curl rest :30
b. 3x10/10 DB lateral and front raise rest :30

4. core
tabata 5 lying k2e + crunch w/TR


1. activation
a. 3x20 b. squat pumps
b. 3x10/10 adductor rocks

2. strength
a. 4x10 BB glute bridge rest :30
b. 4x10 DB waiter bow rest :30

3. cardio
50m d/b run
:30 FLR
10 kbs
:30 hollow hold

Let's talk N.E.A.T
Coaches corner- NEAT.png

By: Coach Paul

Lets talk about some NEAT things! NEAT is Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. This is all the energy expended during all other activities outside of sleeping, eating and sport/exercise. 

Daily movement counts as NEAT. As simple as getting up and out of your chair, unloading the car, walking around the grocery store. These calories account for a larger portion of daily needed calories compared to exercise. It is something that people often overlook during a weight loss journey or body re-composition, especially when they hit a wall.

The nice thing is, these NEAT things are very easy to add into your day. Don’t overthink it, simply try to move. There are lots of ways to add some in during your regular day to day life. Try parking a little further away from the entrance at the grocery store or shopping center. Walk a few extra yards into work, take the stairs instead of an elevator. 

They way to make NEAT more useful in your journey to shed pounds or feel better throughout the day is to make yourself accountable. With accountability you are much more likely to partake in NEAT activities. For me, the easiest form I get in each day is taking my dog for a walk. Even if it is 10-15 minutes long, the little things add up. 

Start with a little bit then keep trying to add up. Steps are really easy to use, smart phones can download apps that will count steps for you if you don’t have a wrist worn fitness tracker. Or you can just go based on time, keep track using a simple smartwatch app on your phone. Then as weeks go on, just add 5-10%.  See how you feel and how your energy or weight changes and adjust the amount as you feel. 

Keep things NEAT!

Athlete of the Month - September 2019

Mario Barraco, 56, President, Farmington Hills

Occupation: President... Electro-matic Integrated EM is a High Tech Electrical Distributor located in Farmington Hills Mi-Largest Siemens Automation distributor in NA. - 240 employees -Celebrating 50 years in business

When did you start at CrossFit Reviver?: February 2017

What is your athletic background?: Lettered in 3 sports at Lanse Cruese North High - Football, Basketball and Baseball - Attempted to play college baseball freshman year at Northwood University- Close to 40 years ago and 40 pounds ago!

What is your favorite and least favorite WOD/movement?: Favorite - Back Squats Least Favorite- Burpee's

What is your great accomplishment? Personal, Professional, and Fitness related:: Personal-Being Married 31 years to wife Anne, getting 2 children Jared and Alyssa thru university where they are self reliant and with jobs, Professional-Working my way up to President of Electro-matic, Fitness related-staying committed with Crossfit

Has CFR made you better? If yes, how so?: I feel much better both physically and mentally.- CFR has forced me to be better organized, thus eliminating a lot of unneccesarry stresses.

What are your hobbies?: Golf and Reading

What are your Top 5 favorite movies?: Godfather, Stripes, Shawshank Redemption, Forest Gump and Bohemian Rhapsody

What is one thing we don’t know about you?: I have a house in Naples FL and I'm partners of 2 Jets pizza's - 1 in Bonita Springs, FL and 1 in North Fort Meyers, FL

What are your goals in life? Personal, Professional, and Fitness related:: Personal: Stay Healthy-Work on Nutrition - Professional: To create enough assets in the next 5 years that will generate enough income so I can retire on my terms. Fitness: To Continuously Improve with Cross Fit


1. activation
a. 3x10 DB bench fly
b. 3x20 banded tri pull down

2. strength
10min build to heavy 3 rep bench press

3. 3x10 @65% of part 2 (12,14,16)

4. cardio
2min(:20 trans)/2min(:20 trans)x4 row repeats