Custom Workout Programming



No more…going to the gym and not knowing what to do

No more…following a group program that doesn’t meet your goals or expectations

No more…falling short of your potential due to lack of planning or accountability

With a Custom Fitness Program from Reviver, you’ll work with a professional coach who will design a workout program for YOU.

Your journey will look like this:

Step 1: Complete Assessment

We know that each individual is unique in many ways; current fitness level, range of motion, injury history, fitness background, goals, and lifestyle. These things will all be assessed to ensure your program is tailored for YOU.

Step 2: Get to work

Your coach will communicate your program to you through an online platform called True Coach. This allows for seamless communication of exercises, reps and sets, demo videos, notes, and results tracking.

Step 3: Achieve your goals

Over time you and your coach will assess and adjust your program to ensure you’re getting the results you desire and avoid hitting plateaus.


Is this personal training? No. Your workouts will be sent to you through the True Coach platform and you will perform them at the place of your choosing (Reviver, at home, another gym). You will input your results (you can upload pictures and videos if needed) and questions so your coach can easily see what is being done and where you need assistance.

Where do I do my workouts? You can do them at Reviver, at home, or at a gym of your choosing. Your workouts will be planned based on the equipment available to you.

Does this service include nutrition / lifestyle coaching? Yes and no. Your coach is most definitely going to guide you when it comes to recovering from your training (nutrition, sleep, stress management) but is not going to provide a full meal plan.


With gym access to Reviver: $248

Training at home or other gym: $160